Bien Air EVO.15 1/5 L Standard Contra Angle Handpiece

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The all-new Contra-Angle EVO.15 is one of a kind, simultaneously raising performance standards and revolutionizing patient safety. This promising electric handpiece combines Swiss precision with an unparalleled level of durability and ergonomics. ACCURATE : High efficiency and cutting-edge technology come together on the Contra-Angle EVO.15. The new Accu-Chuck PreciPlus bur-retention and rotation drive mechanism is a perfect example of that - its vibration-canceling properties not only reduce noise interference, they also authorize perfect stability and accuracy no matter the speed and torque. Due to durability being a key contributor to performance, the Contra-Angle EVO.15 is fitted with a specially-designed rotor's head that demonstrates significantly longer service life than conventional models. PRACTICAL : The size of the Contra-Angle EVO.15 makes you forget that you are handling such a high-performance instrument. Its small, shockproof stainless steel head provides remarkable maneuverability and accessibility to third molars. To maximize user experience, every aspect of the Contra-Angle EVO.15 has been carefully thought-out. The improved Accu-Spray Quattro Mix and its dualook nondazzling multi-strand optical glass system support this statement and need to be credited for competent operative field cooling and reliable intraoral visibility. SAFE : The Contra-Angle EVO.15 expresses itself in multiple ways, and patient safety is unmistakably at the forefront. Bien-Air's patented CoolTouch heat-arresting technology brings the handpiece closer to zero risk when it comes to patient burn injuries. Similarly, adverse events linked to bur slippage are prevented, thanks to an extremely efficient fastening system. When brought together, these combined safety features make the Contra-Angle EVO.15 the safest electric handpiece ever designed. While overheating can be an indication of a damaged or clogged instrument, laboratory evaluations reveal that this hazard is just as prevalent in new and properly-maintained electric handpieces. In a committed effort to promote patient safety, Bien-Air is introducing CoolTouch, the world's first and only heat-arresting system proven not to exceed human body temperature. After years of research and development, this complex proprietary technology is engaged to protect both the patient and the clinician during some of the profession's most frequently performed procedures. In dental procedures making use of electric handpieces, the briefest contact between the instrument's push-button and the patient's inner-cheek causes the former to overheat, resulting in possible burn injuries. While the latter's increasing frequency is keeping public health agencies on high alert, industry-wide safety regulations are yet to be formulated. The all-new Contra-Angle EVO.15, equipped with Bien- Air's CoolTouch heat-arresting technology, gives dental prac titioners peace of mind in all situations.