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  1. GDC Gritman Carver (WCG)
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  2. GDC Flexible (PS6)
    GDC Flexible (PS6)
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    GDC Plaster Knife (OK5A)
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Buy Prosthodontic Instruments Online in India



Prosthodontics is the field of dentistry that deals with replacement of missing teeth with biocompatible substitutes that restore function and aesthetics. The prostheses fabricated may be fixed or removable. Prosthodontics involves a lot of laboratory procedures for different prostheses such as removable partial dentures and fixed dentures with ceramic facings over metal copings.


What are the different instruments used in prosthodontics?

The instruments used in prosthodontics have clinical and laboratory applications. The following are the different instruments used in prosthetic dentistry:


Carvers and Knives:

The use of waxes in prosthodontics is widespread as they are the materials used to create a mould space, where the final material such as a denture base resin (in terms of removable dentures) and molten metal (in the case of fixed dentures and crowns) flow to form the skeleton of the indirect restoration. These waxes are carved and shaped using wax carvers and wax knives.

Carvers like the Lecron Carver, Zahle Carver, MSY Carver and Hylin Carver are used to carve and contour the waxes into suitable shapes. These carvers are double ended having a sharp blade at one end and a scoop at the other. The end with the blade is used to carve and contour the wax, in shape that is analogous to the final prosthesis. The end with the scoop is used to remove wax from specific areas and also aids in festooning of complete dentures. Wax knives are larger instruments, also double ended, having a sharp knife at one and a carrier for molten wax in the other end for use in fabrication of various dental prostheses. Plaster cutting knives are single ended instruments with a handle that are used to cut Plaster of Paris and dental stone during articulation and other lab procedures.


Crown Removers;

These instruments can be used to facilitate easy removal of temporary and permanent crowns. Crown removers were traditionally used manually. They had a hook shaped working end that engage the cervical portion of the crown or bridge. Using slight force in the direction of removal, these crowns may be removed without any difficulty. Automatic crown removers have been developed which have made the process faster and easier. They use high frequency vibrations to remove the fixed partial dentures or jacket crowns. Various attachments have been made available to be used with the automatic crown removers. Each of these attachments are specified for a purpose and can be used in easy removal of even long spanning bridges.


Cord Packers:

While making final impressions for fixed denture therapy, it is highly desirable to record the gingival finish lines with excellent reproducibility. This is sometimes difficult due to the gingival tissue that covers the finish line. To overcome this problem, retraction cords are used in prosthodontics. These retraction cords are packed into place using instruments known as cord packers. Retraction cord packers are double ended instruments that designed to allow easy and precise placement of retraction cords in the cervical regions of the tooth to expose the finish line.


Mixing Spatulas:

Different spatulas are used in dentistry for mixing Plaster of Paris, dental stone, impression materials such as alginate and certain dental cements. The gypsum or plaster spatula has a handle with a straight metal piece that is the working end of the instrument. Alginate mixing spatulas have a curved portion in the working end of the instrument. Spatulas are also available to mix impression pastes before making wash impressions during the fabrication of complete dentures.



Dental articulators are mechanical devices that hold the upper and lower casts. They can be used to reproduce certain mandibular movements. The dental articulators are of great importance in teeth setting for removable dentures and for the fabrication of crowns and fixed prostheses. Articulators may be classified into various types based on their adjustability, relevance to normal anatomy and the position of the condylar guidance and element. Articulators are classified in to nonadjustable, semi adjustable and fully adjustable articulators. The fully adjustable articulators allow various articulating movements. These can be used to check the occlusion in different planes. Dental articulators serve as a means to determine the occlusion of the prosthesis inside the patients’ oral cavity.


What are the brands selling prosthodontic instruments online in India?

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