How can I pay for my purchases at PinkBlue?

PinkBlue offers all commonly used payment options including most debit cards, credit cards and netbanking. Cash-on-Delivery option is also available across several Pin codes. The same is displayed as part of all the product pages. 

Apart from these, in the locations we service directly, you also have an option to avail cheque-on-delivery and credit (PinkBlue Pay-it-Later) payments. More details about PinkBlue Pay-it-Later can be found below. 

You can also make payments through direct bank deposits to the PinkBlue account or through bank transfers (NEFT/RTGS). The details of the same can be found below.

Is it safe to use my credit/debit card at PinkBlue?

PinkBlue uses the safest of payment options available in India, to process your payments. So, there is nothing worry on the safety and security front, while transacting online with PinkBlue.

How can I place a Cash-on-Delivery order?

If you are not comfortable making online payments, you can choose the Cash on Delivery payment option to pay for your purchases.

Once you enter your location information in the order page, Cash-on-Delivery becomes a possible payment mode, if you are in one of the locations, where the service is available. You can simply choose COD as the payment mode at this point and finalize your order.

COD payments are currently not accepted for orders above Rs 20,000. You may receive a confirmation call before the orders are shipped, in case of COD orders. 

How can I place a Cheque-on-Delivery order?

If you are not comfortable making online/ cash payments, you can choose the Cheque-on-Delivery payment option to pay for your purchases.

This option is available only in the direct service locations of PinkBlue. Please coordinate with customer care to avail this payment mode. 

How can I place an order, with the payment option as bank deposit or direct bank transfer (NEFT/RTGS)?

For those who are uncomfortable about online transactions, PinkBlue provides more offline payment options to make life easier. You can either deposit the amount corresponding to your proposed order either in the PinkBlue bank account directly at an ICICI bank branch, or make an online transfer from your internet banking platform to PinkBlue’s bank account.

This option is available for all customers of PinkBlue. Please coordinate with customer care to avail this payment mode. 

What is PinkBlue Pay-it-Later?

PinkBlue Pay-it-Later is an exclusive payment mode offered to select customers of PinkBlue, which allows for credit purchases.

PinkBlue Pay-it-Later allows you to forget about managing your materials payments continuously. It allows you to make all the purchases you want during a month without making any payments, get a monthly statement capturing all these purchases at the end of the month, and make payments within a particular number of days after the receipt of the statement.

How do I use PinkBlue Pay-it-Later, for making purchases?

If you are eligible for PinkBlue Pay-it-Later, you can just select PB Pay-it-Later as the payment option in the check-out page, and place your order.

How can I avail PinkBlue Pay-it-Later?

PinkBlue Pay-it-Later is available only to for clinics who are part of the PB SmartClinic programme. PB SmartClinic is currently open only for dentists/clinics who satisfy the below eligibility criteria:

a.       Located in one of PinkBlue's direct service cities

b.      Average quarterly purchase of at least RS 30,000 from PinkBlue

However, feel free to apply in case you are in other cities. We would be launching our direct services in your city soon, and we will ensure you are amongst the first few in your city to get the premium service.

If you want to apply for PB SmartClinic, please click here.

How can I make my payments, if I am a PB SmartClinic?

As a PB SmartCilnic, you have the option of availing Pay-it-Later while making your purchases. In case of such purchases, the outstanding amount starts reflecting in your ‘My Accounts’ page. You will also get a monthly statement at the end of each month indicating your purchases during the month and the outstanding amount at the end of the month.

You can make your payments at any point in time, latest within 7 days from the date of your monthly statement. You can use any of the payment methods supported by PinkBlue (online, bank transfer – NEFT/RTGS, bank deposit, Cash, Cheque, Demand Draft) to make these payments. In case of offline payments, please coordinate with customer care to ensure quick processing of the same.

Are there any hidden charges (Octroi or Sales tax) in the purchases which I make at PinkBlue?

No, there are no hidden charges. All prices displayed on PinkBlue are all-inclusive.

Delivery charges may be added in cases of very low value purchases or in case of urgent delivery requests, depending on the shipping policy. The same shall be shown to you before you finalize your purchases.

What should I do in case of payment issues?

In case you face any difficulties in paying online or while placing a COD order, please feel free to reach out to customer care Our team will be happy to resolve your issues, and assist with your purchases.