PinkBlue - Smart Clinic

Thank you for your interest in PinkBlue Premium!

PB Premium gives you all the premium services of PinkBlue, at no extra cost - including free deliveries (no minimum limit - no frowns), free priority deliveries, no-questions-asked free returns, PinkBlue Pay-it-Later (a hassle-free payment option with an extended credit period of up to 40 days), free samples of new products, and much more!

PB Premium is currently open only for dentists/clinics who satisfy the below eligibility criteria:

      1. Located in one of the PinkBlue's direct service cities
      2. Average quarterly purchase of at least RS 25,000 from PinkBlue

However, feel free to apply in case you are in other cities. We would be launching our direct services in your city soon, and we will ensure you are amongst the first few in your city to get the premium service.

To apply, please fill the below information to help us speed up the mandatory verification process:

Smart Clinic Application:
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