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In dentistry the low speed handpiece definition can be stated as, a handheld motor which is air or electric driven, that causes the cutting bur or prophy cup to rotate. The low speed handpiece uses include refining a cavity preparation, removal of caries, prophylactic procedures such as tooth polishing and other endodontic and implant procedures. The electric dental handpiece is powered by electromagnetic impulses that are offered by an electric micromotor control unit. Slow speed handpiece in dentistry are most commonly either straight handpiece variants or contra angle handpiece variants. The dental electric handpiece has a motor with an E type connector. The straight and contra angle handpieces can be connected to the E type connector. If asked to describe the use of the low speed handpiece in dentistry, on can state the uses of the handpiece in the various specializations as well as the general uses such as prophylaxis and tooth polishing. It is important to know how fast does the low speed handpiece rotate. The low speed handpieces can rotate the rotary instrument upto 50,000 rpm.  The electric handpiece repair is made available through the various dental technicians in India. The working of a low speed handpiece is similar to the high-speed dental handpiece as the airline is attached to the back end of the handpiece. The speed of rotation of the low speed handpiece depends on the pressure of the air supply, the rotor component configuration and the gears that are present inside the handpiece.

Contra-angle Handpiece:

Contra-angle handpiece is known for optimum work results, the right instruments are necessary; though only with a lightweight of 56gm and easily handled tools can precise outcomes be achieved. Consistently meeting the requirement with the speed of 35,000 RPM. Handpieces are the most used piece of machinery in dentistry. Contra-angle handpiece provides the power to a rotary instrument that completes the actual cutting or polishing of tooth structure and castings

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There are many brands that sell low speed handpieces online in India. The kavo electric handpiece, Marathon handpiece, Nakamura, NSK, COXO, Being Foshan, Whiteroot, SuriDent, Dabi Atlante, Dentsurge, DenSafe, Dentex, Bien Air, Europa, APL are among the high quality dental handpieces available online in India.

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