3M Espe Ketac Molar Glass Ionomer Cement

Packable, wear resistant glass ionomer solution
Offers years of effective protection against caries
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3M ESPE Ketac Molar ART Starter Kit-1 pack 1 Powder 15g Shade A3, 1 Liquid 10g, Accessories
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Packable, wear resistant glass ionomer solution
Offers years of effective protection against caries
Ideally suited for early fissure sealing
Single surface fillings in posterior areas

Ketac Molar by 3M ESPE is a glass ionomer restorative material used in restorative dentistry. They provide excellent results with little effort for many indications. The excellent mechanical properties make it a suitable restorative material for posterior teeth. They can be used as bulk fill restoratives. These glass ionomer restoratives exhibit excellent wear resistance, minimal abrasion and excellent surface hardness. They can be used for treating patients in all age groups. Its quick and easy use, makes it suitable for paediatric restorative therapy. Ketac Molar demonstrated lower acid erosion than other glass ionomer products, resulting in a more durable and long lasting restoration. 

  • Bulk fill Glass Ionomer restorative
  • Self-adhesive
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Fluoride release
  • Homogenous material quality
  • Long term stability
  • Minimal abrasion
  • Excellent surface hardness
  • Posterior tooth single surface restorations
  • Core build-up
  • Fillings in deciduous teeth
  • Lining for single and multiple surface composite fillings
  • Stress bearing Class II restorations where the isthumus is less than half of the intercuspal distance and presence of at least one occlusal contact on enamel
  • Cervical fillings in areas of less aesthetic significance
  • Uniplanar and multiplanar temporary restorations
  • Minimally Invasive Dentistry

After preparing the cavity and applying pulp protection if indicated the cavity is conditioned using a suitable dentin conditioner such as the Ketac conditioner for 10 seconds. Do not over dry the cavity as it may lead to post-operative sensitivity.


Working and Setting times

Working time after start of mix

2:00 minutes

Setting time after start of mix

4:30 minutes

Setting time is accelerated in temperatures over 23° C. Exceeding given working time will affect the adhesion to enamel &dentin


Finishing should be started 4:30 minutes after the start of mix at the earliest. Ketac Glaze can be used for surface sealing.



Glass Ionomers from 3M ESPE – a perfect solution for any kind of patient

Not all patients are alike – and that's another important reason for differentiated therapy. Depending on each patient group's needs, your daily practice faces different typical demands: 3M ESPE glass ionomers make it easy for you to respond to the needs and wishes of very different patient groups. They allow you to provide immediate help in a wide range of situations, and thus give you more time to get to the root of the real problem (for example, periodontal disease or a high risk of caries) and find the right solution. And that means satisfied patients and less stress for you.

PATIENTS Photac™ Fil Quick Ketac™ Molar Quick Ketac™ Molar Vitremer™ Ketac™ Fil Plus Ketac™ Silver
Quick treatment with uncooperative patients
Use without conditioning
Time saved due to light cure
Use of strontlum glass
Level of flouride release ++++ + + ++ +++ ++
High abrasion resistance
Deciduous teeth fillings
Fissure sealing
Interim fillings
Permanent fillings Class I
Core build-up


Store Ketac Molar at t 15-25° C. 

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