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  1. Dynamic Dental Air Compressor

    From ₹17308

    As low as ₹16609

    Oil Free
    Maintenance free
    Out of stock
  2. SuriDent Compressor Head + Solenoid Valve and Capacitor

    From ₹11017

    As low as ₹10438

    Out of stock
  3. Crowndent Dental Air Compressor

    From ₹23015

    As low as ₹22438

    0.75 HP, 1 HP, 1.5 HP
    Accurate dimensions
  4. DINT-Tech Oil Free Piston Air Compressor

    From ₹158825

    As low as ₹155536

    0.75 HP,1.5 HP
    100% oil free design
    Out of stock
  5. Clinic Blue Line Double Head Compressor

    From ₹24317

    As low as ₹24156

    1.5 HP, 2HP
  6. Clinic Blue Line Single Head Compressor

    From ₹23306

    As low as ₹22178

    0.75 HP, 1HP
  7. SuriDent Compressor

    From ₹17850

    As low as ₹16859

    Shear strength
    Out of stock
  8. Tornado 1 Air Compressor

    From ₹86500

    As low as ₹86500

  9. Gnatus Air Compressor
    0.75 HP, 1 HP, 2 HP
    32 L, 40 L, 65 L
    Out of stock
  10. Airel Gentilin Compressor - Italy

    From ₹70822

    As low as ₹69318

    Innovative filter system
    Guarantees maximum cleaning
    Out of stock
  11. API Compressor
    1.1 Horsepower Compressor
    Pressure Adjustment
    Out of stock
  12. Syndicate Oil Free Air Compressor
    Syndicate Oil Free Air Compressor
    Regular Price ₹30501 Special Price ₹27167
    As low as ₹26492
    Epoxy coating
  13. Schulz Air Compressor Oil-Free MSV 6.0/30
    Schulz Air Compressor Oil-Free MSV 6.0/30
    Regular Price ₹78941 Special Price ₹75566
    As low as ₹73981
    Oil Free
    Out of stock
  14. Schulz Air Compressor MSV Oil-Free 6.0/50 Dental Split
    Schulz Air Compressor MSV Oil-Free 6.0/50 Dental Split
    Regular Price ₹93316 Special Price ₹83263
    As low as ₹81546
    Oil Free
    Versatile Set
    Out of stock
  15. Denfort DFAC-01 Oil Free Compressor
    Denfort DFAC-01 Oil Free Compressor
    Regular Price ₹28125 Special Price ₹22599
    As low as ₹21476
    1 HP
    36 L
  16. Crowndent Double Head Air Compressor - 0.75 Hp
    Crowndent Double Head Air Compressor - 0.75 Hp
    Regular Price ₹43309 Special Price ₹37300
    As low as ₹36361
    0.75 Hp
  17. Syndicate U.V.Cabinet
    Syndicate U.V.Cabinet
    Regular Price ₹13595 Special Price ₹11174
    As low as ₹10480
    stainless steel
  18. SuriDent Double Head Compressor
    SuriDent Double Head Compressor
    Regular Price ₹38000 Special Price ₹28560
    As low as ₹28034
    Shear strength
    Out of stock
  19. Schulz Air Compressor Oil-Free MSV 12/100
    Schulz Air Compressor Oil-Free MSV 12/100
    Regular Price ₹204800 Special Price ₹184142
    As low as ₹180239
    Oil Free
    Low noise level
    Out of stock
  20. Hi-Tech Dental Compressor 1 H/P
    Hi-Tech Dental Compressor 1 H/P
    Regular Price ₹30158 Special Price ₹23717
    As low as ₹23125
    High pressure
  21. Crowndent Dental Air Compressor - 1 HP
    Special Price ₹23506
    As low as ₹23037
    1 Hp
    Very low levels of noise
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Buy Dental Air Compressors Online in India



Dental Compressors are an indispensable element of dental surgery, it is vital for running a dental practice since it power most of the important tools used by dentists. This machine compresses, cleans, dries and stores air, which powers handpieces and certain functions of dental treatment centers and hand-piece cleaners. Dental air compressors produce compressed air which is used directly inside the patients oral cavity. The air turbine in the airotor handpiece, scalers, delivery units chair valves, and the three-way syringe use this compressed air produced by the compressor. The air compressor must be purchased having various factors in mind since the compressed air has direct contact with the patient and any form of contamination is undesirable. The requirement of high quality when dealing with dental air compressors is quite highly essential. Selection of a good quality air compressor can help build a credible practice while poor selection can potentially harm patients by exposing them to pathogens. Although a specific type of air compressor does not guarantee a pathogen-free environment, the best air quality can be a scale to gauge the functionality and safety of the equipment.


Importance of quality dental air compressors:

Cleaner the air compressor, safer are your patients. That is the most important criterion when it comes to choosing a dental air compressor. Dental practice is filled with risk of exposure to various microbes. Poor quality of air produced by an average quality dental compressor and improper maintenance creating a moist environment for machine parts can be a breeding ground for danger. 

According to an executive agency of the Department of Health in the UK, there are two specific requirements for dental air compressors, to ensure a reduced risk of contamination and improve instrument efficiency:

  • The produced air should have an atmospheric dew point no less than -20oC.
  • The filtration system should ensure:
    • Dust filtration – down to 1 µm with DOP (Dispersed Oil Particulate) efficiency no less than 99.97%
    • Bacteria filtration – down to 0.01 µm with DOP efficiency no less than 99.9999%

Selection of a good quality air compressor can enhance safety for the patients and help protect the dental practice, by reducing the chance of disease caused due to contamination. Moreover, use of high quality compressed air can drastically improve the efficiency of instrumentation which subsequently enhances the dental practice as a whole.


Things to consider when selecting a dental air compressor:

Purchasing air compressors might be tricky. Here are a few points that might aid you in selecting the right compressor for your practice:



The size of the compressor is an essential criterion to consider before selecting the one for your clinic. For this, knowledge of your air consumption is required. The air consumption is determined by the number of operatories that will be in use at a time. The capacity of the compressor is the output in cubic feet per minute (cfm)

  • Rule of thumb – Each chair needs 2 cfm approx.

Selecting the right sized dental compressor is important, as it may have significant effects such as,

  • Too small a compressor – pressure drops when too many people use the air at once
  • Too big a compressor – if it is so big that it runs only 5 minutes a day, corrosion can occur, as it does not get a chance to run for a while and heat up. This affects the performance of the compressor

Thus, considering the size of you practice, number of operatories and frequency and density of usage are important factors to consider when selecting the size of the compressor.


Duty Cycle:

The duty cycle of a compressor is the percentage of time that it can run without cooling off. The common design of limited duty cycles in compressors affect the capacity and reliability of the equipment. For example, if a compressor is said to have a 30% duty cycle, it means that it can run for 18 minutes in an hour and not 3 hours straight in a 10-hour long day.

When comparing two compressors with the same capacity the one with the higher duty cycle runs more than the variants with lower duty cycles, without affecting the service life. On the contrary, compressors with lower duty cycles if run for the same amount, will have a significant decrease in service life.


Quality of Air:

The quality of the compressed air depends on two things:

  • Inlet air
  • The compressors addition to the inlet air

The system must comprise of high quality particulate filters to remove any dust and pathogens. When using lubricated systems, inclusion of reliable coalescing filters is necessary to ensure patient safety. The addition of a dryer in the compressor can help in removal of moisture. There are two types of dryers used in compressors:

  • Refrigerated compressed air dryers – gives a pressure dew point of 2oC. This means that below 2oC water condensate forms inside the equipment. This dew point can be good for tools at a workshop but is not low enough for dental use
  • Desiccant compressed air dryers – create a low-pressure dew point, as low as -40oC.This ensures that the relative humidity and the absolute amount of water in the air (expressed in g/m3) is also low.


Number of heads:

Air compressors consists of heads, housing one or more pistons. There are single headed and multiheaded designs. A general misconception is that the machine with a multiple heads design has a built-in backup. This is refuted, because, when a multi head compressor has an improperly functioning pump, the other heads cannot ensure proper functioning of the compressor. When comparing two machines of equal quality, the one with more moving parts has a greater failure probability. Single headed designs, generally last longer. They are also designed for higher efficiency and a greater duty cycle, which allows them to take on more demanding workload. Multiheaded units might not be able to handle these situations.


Lubricated vs. Oil-free compressors:

In older times, dentists had no choice but to buy compressors with oil-lubricated systems. The problems with oil lubricated compressors are the potential of oil entering the patients mouth, facilitate dirt and most importantly bacterial colonization in the equipment. Even the filters used with these systems were not 100% reliable. They become much less effective when they get old and require replacement.

Oil-free compressors have a major advantage of eliminating the chance of oil in the compressed air system. This creates clean compressed oil-free air. The only limitation to oil-free compressors corrosion. In lubricated systems, the oil acts as a protective film inside the air piping and receiver. However, use of galvanized or stainless steel air receivers and plastic compressed air piping eliminates the problem of corrosion.


Other important factors:

  • Since the dentist has many other things to deal with on a regular basis, a maintenance free compressor would be ideal
  • They should be installed in a clean area and should run on standard 220V
  • Heads must be made from quality materials that remove heat
  • Finned cylinders and presence of large cooling fans are desirable
  • Components design must facilitate service and not dictate replacement. Teflon antifriction coatings for example reduce piston wear.
  • Even wearing of the coating might necessitate replacement. The alternative method is the use of replaceable Teflon guide sleeves and compression rings. These last for years and are not as expensive as replacing the piston or head assembly
  • Good vibration isolation to prevent loose wires and fittings.
  • Compressors must conform to ISO an ASME guidelines.


What are the brands selling dental air compressors online in India?

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