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  1. Ortho Orange Elastomeric E-Chain

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    Good elasticity
    Easy ligation
  2. Ortho Orange Elastomeric Elastics

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    Highly Flexible
  3. Ortho Orange Elastomeric Ligature Ties

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    Excellent force of restoration
    Easy ligation
  4. Ortho Orange Elastomeric Separators
    Ortho Orange Elastomeric Separators
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    Absorption free
    Latex free
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Buy Orthodontic Elastics Online in India



Orthodontics is field of dentistry dealing with the proper alignment of teeth, resulting in an occlusion that is functional and esthetic. Ortho elastics and elastomerics are widely used in orthodontics as active components of fixed and removable orthodontic appliances. These elastics have been valuable adjuncts of any orthodontic treatment for years. The use of elastics along with patient compliance can aid in correction of both anteroposterior and vertical alignment discrepancies. Natural rubber elastics and synthetic elastomers are employed in the production of orthodontic elastics. Intermaxillary and intramaxillary forces can be applied using natural rubber elastics in the Begg technique. Synthetic elastomers in the form of chains are applied in edgewise mechanics where they are used to move teeth along the archwire.


History of Ortho Elastics:

Elastomer is the term encompassing the materials that return to their original dimensions after substantial deformation caused by the application of stress within the elastic limit. The introduction of vulcanization of rubber by Charles Goodyear, paved the way for various uses of orthodontic elastics. Baker, Case and Angle were among the early adopters of elastics in orthodontic therapy. In 1841, JMA Strange used rubber attached to some hooks on the orthodontic appliance surrounding the molars to enhance retention. John Tomes used elastic springs with metal plates. Henry Baker introduced the use of intermaxillary elastics with rubber bands. This was called Baker Anchorage. Other eminent dentists have known to advocate the use of elastics to perfect and corrected malalignments of teeth.


What are the forces exerted by different elastics? 

The following table has lists the forces that are exerted by the different variants of elastics


Diameter and Force Loads of elastics by a manufacturer


Diameter (mm)

Force (grams)






























What are the advantages of using orthodontic elastics?

The usage of ortho elastics can have the following advantageous effects on orthodontic therapy:

  • They can be placed and removed by the patient
  • They can be discarded after they wear out
  • The effect of the elastics is enhanced by mandibular movements
  • No activation is required by the dentist
  • Elastics can be changed upon prescription
  • They can be worn at night as well


What are the points to keep in mind while prescribing ortho elastics?

  • The deterioration of the elasticity must be anticipated and must be changed at regular intervals
  • The prescription must be well explained to avoid unpredictable variable forces
  • Patient must be motivated
  • Patient compliance must be monitored
  • Incorrect placement of elastics by patients must be corrected to prevent undesirable biomechanical effects


What are the different types of ortho elastics?

Separating elastics or elastic separators are used to create proximal spaces in teeth that are to be banded. E Link elastics are used in intermaxillary class II and class III applications.  E chain elastics are used for continuous ligation and consolidation. The different types of e chains are small, medium and large. Power threads are polyurethane threads used for rotating and extruding teeth. They are also used to consolidate units of teeth. Elas O Chains are used for consolidation of arches. Rotation wedges are used to act as a fulcrum between the archwire and the orthodontic bracket to correct rotations of teeth.


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