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A dental chair comprises of an electrically operated, retractable patient seating chair to which compressed air, water line, micromotor, spittoon bowl, and an overhead light is attached. It is the salient unit in the field of Dentistry! Dental chairs are the most important and crucial equipment in the dental office as both the Dentist and Patient rely upon for the treatment. It is exclusively designed for the comfort of the Patient. With the days and technology improving we could see transformation and advancement. The reasons it's different from any other chairs because the instruments and equipment required are at hands’ reach. The special objects (like the operating light, foot, and chair controls, spittoon bowl, etc.) are all present at a single complete dental chair, without which the dental procedures can be difficult to proceed.


Parts of the Dental Unit:

The dental unit is the centrepiece of the dental operatory. The various parts that make up the dental unit are:

  • Dental Chair
  • Dentist Stool
  • Operating Light
  • Delivery Unit
  • Foot Control
  • Suction Cannulae
  • Cuspidor
  • Optional Accessories


Dental Chair:

The dental chair is the portion of the dental unit where the patient sits during consultation and treatment procedures. It is the most significant part of the dental unit as patient comfort is of monumental importance in dentistry. The patient chair should be designed ergonomically with adequate lumbar support and good quality cushions. The upholstery should be of premium quality rexine or leather. This gives the patient a comfortable feeling while they are undergoing dental treatment.

It must be noted that patients most probably would have preconceptions that a dental chair is a place where they undergo painful procedures. However, a well-designed, comfortable and ergonomic patient chair can appease the patients, improving their perspective about dental treatment.


Dentist Stool:

Being as important as the patient chair, the dentist’s stool should also be a product that is well designed and ergonomic. Dentists spend approximately 8 hours or more sitting in the dental stools treating patients. Such long durations spent over long periods of time increases the necessity for comfort and ergonomic design qualities. Problem-related to posture can occur if the dentists use an uncomfortable dental stool for substantial amounts of time. Maintaining good posture during treatment is important in dentistry. A dental stool that aids in maintaining a healthy posture must be a criterion when choosing dental stools.


Operating Light:

The operating light assists the dentist by enhancing visibility. A powerful, high quality operating light is a worthy investment as it increases the efficiency of dental treatment delivered. The operating lights range from QTH lights to LED lights. The newer advanced versions of dental chairs come with LED lighting technology incorporated into the operating light. The LED lights have longer durability than the conventional halogen lights.

The operating light is attached to an arm movable about a hinge. The operating light itself can be moved in different directions to best focus the light on the required area. Some dental chairs offer orbital movement of the operating light, while others offer movement only about a vertical axis.


Delivery Unit:

The delivery unit of the dental chair a movable part that has consisted of a tray to place the instruments, a panel with commands for the dental chair and handpieces, provisions for dental handpieces, an x-ray viewer, water control and a pressure gauge. The delivery unit must be designed to produce maximum efficiency. The instrument trays are removable and autoclavable. They should be cold sterilised after every patient.

The handpieces are attached to the provisions in the delivery units. The rubber tubing must be sturdy and should be devoid of tangling. Some advance dental units also have provisions for light cure units incorporated into the delivery unit itself, eliminating the necessity for a separate light curing unit. The number of provisions available varies with models and manufacturers.

The x-ray viewer present in the delivery unit is used to assess and interpret radiographic films. There is a control panel on the delivery unit which has commands to the movements of the dental chair, the handpieces, the amount of water supplied to the handpieces, and also emergency buttons. Some advanced chairs can have certain saved settings to make treatment faster.


Foot Control:

The dental chair foot control is used by the dentist to perform various functions. There are pedals which control the handpieces. When pressed on, these pedals deliver highly compressed air or electromagnetic signals to air driven and electrically driven handpieces respectively.

The foot control also has other parts that are intended to control the movement of the dental chair by foot. A joystick foot control can be used to alter the position of the chair in the allowed directions. Advanced dental chairs incorporate controls for other aspects of the dental chair such as the operating light and water supply. The dental chair foot control must be designed ergonomically with sturdy components.


Suction Cannulae:

The suction cannulae are present on a movable arm attached near the suction unit. They can be used to perform high volume or low volume evacuation functions. The suction cannulae have tubing that goes into the suction unit. There should be stringent maintenance procedures carried out regarding suction units as they can be sites of bacterial colonization.



Also known as the spittoon, the cuspidor is made up of porcelain and aids the patient when rinsing their mouth or spitting out water and saliva. There is a tube that delivers water in the spittoon, where cups are placed be filled. The water control for the spittoon is usually present on the control panel in the delivery unit.


Optional Accessories:

With various advancements in the development of dental chairs, there are accessories that can be attached to the dental unit to make it more comprehensive. The most common accessory used is an LCD monitor that is attached by means of a stand to a stationary arm of the dental unit. This LCD screen can be used in conjunction with an intra oral camera.


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