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Buy Conventional Braces Online In India



Fixed orthodontic treatment has been used in orthodontics to align teeth for a few centuries. During the period of time between 1855 and 1930, brackets were introduced to orthodontics making a more efficient mode of delivery of treatment. Edward Hartley Angle introduced the edgewise bracket system shortly before his demise. Most of the traditional brackets used in orthodontics today are modified versions of Angles bracket design.


The term ‘orthodontic bracket’ was introduced by Angle when he devised the edgewise appliance. According to him a standard appliance must have the following five properties:

  • Simple
  • Stable
  • Efficient
  • Delicate
  • Inconspicuous

The advancements in material science are aimed at satisfying most of the ideal requirements of orthodontic brackets.



Metal brackets are mostly made out of stainless steel. Stainless steel brackets have most of the basic properties expected from an orthodontic bracket. They are resistant to all forms of corrosion.

The brackets used in orthodontics have undergone many changes from the first orthodontic appliances made. The following are the types of traditional appliances used in orthodontics used during the dawn modern orthodontics.


Edgewise Appliance:

The idea behind naming these appliances was based on the rectangular wire inserted into the narrow or edge wise position of the bracket. This was one of Angle’s last achievement in the field of orthodontics. The slot was oriented from vertical to horizontal. This solved the problems encountered with previous appliances


Begg Appliance:

The Begg appliance was developed by Dr. P.R. Begg in the year 1956. They used ribbon arch type brackets with slots to accept .016’ wires. Lock pins were used to secure the wire in position. The types of lock pins used were safety lock pins, double safety pin and hook pin.


Twin Brackets:

Two edgewise brackets were joined together to form the twin bracket, also called the “Siamese Twin Bracket”. They came to available in four sizes, extra wide, standard, intermediate and junior. A modification of these brackets was the introduction of a curved base to conform to the surfaces of canine and premolar teeth. This resulted in greater rotational and axial control.


Lewis Brackets:

These brackets were designed as a development to bring about effective tooth rotation. An auxiliary rotation arm was abutted against the bracket itself, amd a deflecting arm in contact with the archwire. This ensured greater control over rotation and resulted in effective treatment of rotations.



There has been a striking increase in the population of people seeking orthodontic treatment and there has been an increased demand for better esthetics during the treatment process. The development of new appliances aims to esthetic as well as deliver adequate technical performance. Although there have been advancements such as clear aligners, complex cases of malocclusion require fixed orthodontic therapy.


Ceramic Brackets:


Two basic types of ceramic brackets exist as a result of the manufacturing processes:

  • Monocrystalline brackets and,
  • Polycrystalline brackets


The following points are to be kept in mind while using ceramic brackets:

  • Brackets in contact with opposing teeth can wear of the enamel
  • When using soft arch wires, nicks can increase friction
  • During sliding mechanics, the rough surfaces of the ceramic bracket can significantly increase frictional resistance
  • Fracture toughness of ceramic brackets are quite low


Other cosmetic brackets include resin brackets. 


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