New Dental Clinic Set-up, Made Easy!

Setting up your new dental clinic, and looking for assistance.

Read on – we may be able to help!

We know you have got tonnes of things to think about while setting up your new clinic. While you focus on the more important areas of patient sourcing, patient care and consultant tie-ups, let PinkBlue cover you on your equipments, instruments and materials needs!

We know the dental equipments & materials universe more than anyone else

  • Over 4000 dental clinics, 220 dental brands and 19000+ products on!
  • We know every Rupee and every minute matters when you are setting up your new clinic, and we respect that – We give the best of prices in the most transparent manner.
  • Being a start-up, we go through the grind to run frugal operations every day with a lean team – we relate to your pain first-hand, and we will pitch in to make it easier!

While you start this journey, get a partner who can handhold you through the entire process from thinking about your new clinic to treating your first patient and well beyond.

Get the best partner for your clinic set-up! Set your clinic up like 1-2-3!

  • Reach out to a PB clinic-set-up specialist and answer a few simple questions (Positioning, Specializations, Budget, etc)
  • Get a list of suggestions and make your choices
  • Get the equipments and materials delivered – All the best for building a great practice!

Come, let’s set up the next great dental practice!

New Clinic Setup:
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