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A major portion of the population seek high quality orthodontic treatment, but they are apprehensive about having braes that are visible to their peer group. This idea has been increasing in intensity in the current age, in which the search for esthetic dental therapy has drastically gone up. The introduction of advanced methods of treatment in orthodontics has been highly beneficial to doctors and patients. The three advanced systems of orthodontic therapy are self-ligation, lingual orthodontics and clear aligners.


Self-Ligating Brackets:

The incorporation of a permanently installed movable component to secure and entrap the archwire is the idea behind self-ligating brackets. This inbuilt mechanism can be opened and closed to secure the archwire. Self-ligation has greatly reduced chair time for dentists and treatment time as a whole.

The following are ideal requirements of a self-ligating system:

  • Easy to open and close
  • Low forces applied to teeth during archwire changes
  • Never open inadvertently
  • Ligation mechanism should never break or jam or distort
  • Be tolerant to reasonable excess of composite material
  • Permit easy attachment and removal of auxiliaries
  • Have narrow mesio-distal dimension

Advantages of self ligating brackets over traditional brackets:

Self ligating brackets exhibit the following advantages over conventional brackets requiring ligation:

  • Higher ligation stability
  • Use of lighter forces is permitted
  • Force levels are predictable and low
  • Suited for efficient tooth translation
  • Shorter chair time with longer intervals between visits
  • Overall treatment time reduced by 4 months
  • Higher esthetics
  • Wingless designs are easy to clean
  • Less chair side assistance needed
  • Fewer instruments required while changing archwires


The following table consists of features of different self-ligating brackets



Mode of Action

Moving Component

Currently Available

Boyd band bracket


Rigid sliding bar


Ford Lock


Rigid rotational lock


Russel Appliance


Rigid sliding lock


Shurter Device


Rigid locking pin


Rubin Device


Rigid hinged plate




Rigid rotational screw


SPEED System


Highly flexible spring clip


Edgelok Bracket


Rigid sliding cap


Mobil-Lock Bracket


Rigid rotational disk


Activa Bracket


Rigid rotational arm


Time Bracket


Rigid rotational arm


Damon Bracket


Solid indented slide


TwinLock Bracket


Solid labial slider




Flexible spring clip


Damon 3


Rigid solid slide







Lingual Brackets:

The need for esthetics in dentistry has drastically increased from former times. Newer methods and appliances are used in dentistry to enhance esthetics. Invisible braces are famous concept in fixed orthodontic therapy. The foundation of lingual orthodontics was given by Dr. Craven Kurz in the year 1975. He used the lingual bonded edgewise appliance by modifying labial appliances. Ormco, in 1976 began research and development of lingual brackets with Dr. Alexander Wildman. Thereafter, Dr. Kurz and Ormco changed a dream of invisible braces into a reality.


Generations of lingual brackets:

The following are the features of the various generations of lingual brackets:

First generation brackets-

  • Flat maxillary occlusal bite
  • Lower incisor and premolar bracket had low profile
  • No hooks


Second generation brackets-

  • Introduced in 1980
  • Hooks added to canine brackets


Third generation brackets-

  • Introduced in 1981
  • Hoods added to all anteriors and premolar brackets
  • Internal hook added to first molar bracket.


Fourth generation brackets:

  • Introduced in 1982
  • Addition of low profile anterior inclined plane
  • Optional hooks


Fifth generation brackets:

  • More pronounced anterior inclined plane
  • Increase in labial torque in the maxillary anterior region
  • Attachment for transpalatal arch was provided


Sixth generation brackets:

  • Introduced in 1987
  • Incline plane made more square in shape
  • Hooks on anteriors and premolars elongated
  • Hooks on all brackets


Seventh generation brackets:

  • Currently used; introduced in 1990
  • Maxillary anterior inclined plane made heart shape with short hooks
  • Premolar brackets widened mesiodistally and hooks shortened


Advantages of using lingual brackets:

  • Labial surface of anterior teeth plays major role in esthetics
  • Labially placed brackets make enamel more prone to demineralization
  • Permanent decalcification marks are avoided labially
  • Clinical judgement can be enhanced
  • Evaluation of individual tooth position can be accomplished
  • Soft tissue responses of lips and cheeks to treatment can be judged



The introduction of clear aligners in orthodontics was a major advancement made in the field. In this treatment module, patients wear biocompatible resin splints, which are almost unnoticed, and they align teeth without wires, brackets, clasps or hooks. The use of clear aligners has increased over the recent years due to the various advantages. The use of computer technology helps create exact 3D models of the patients’ arches. Using these models, a complete treatment plan is mapped out by the laboratory, with gradual adjustments that are required over a period of time. The computer crafted aligners are given to the patient and periodical checkups are done to carry out a fast, effective and esthetic variant of orthodontic treatment.


Advantages of using clear aligners:

The following points make clear aligners and advantageous treatment module:

  • Invisible and very thin
  • Do not impede speech
  • Being removable makes it easier to maintain oral hygiene
  • Adult patients reluctant to lengthy orthodontic treatment can be treated using clear aligners
  • Increased patient compliance
  • Can realign teeth after relapse
  • Simple cases can be treated using just two or three aligners


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