Thank You, Dear Indian Dentists!

With your support, we have created history during the fifth edition of PB Days. We hoped it would be the best one yet, but it has become a larger success that we did not expect. Unexpected events like the high inflow of website & app traffic which resulted in an outage on the 18th of July had taken us aback with the response from the dental community. As a token of our appreciation for bearing with the technical glitch, we had extended the offer by 12 hours as well. We have witnessed 1000s of transactions in the last three days with over 1 lakh pages being viewed and acted upon.

We thank all the manufacturers who took part in this extravaganza that was PB Days, without whom the unimaginable deals would not have been possible. We are positive that they will continue offering great deals in the more PB Days to come.

We are forever grateful for your support and will continue working towards adding a lot more value to every single dental practitioner in the country! Thank you again.

Team PinkBlue

Did you miss PB Days? Don't worry, we will back on the 20th of August with the best deals in India. But if that's too long, stay tuned for July 24th. We have something BIG coming up in 2 days ;)