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Buy Rubber Base Impression Materials Online in India



Impression materials are used to make negative imprints of the anatomical structures in the oral cavity. There are various impression materials that are used in dentistry most commonly in prosthodontic therapy. Of these different types, elastomeric impression materials have been used extensively to make final impressions for fabrication of prostheses. These impression materials are available in various consistencies that facilitate the recording of dental anatomy with fine precision.


What are elastomeric impression materials?

Elastomers or elastomeric impression materials are a group of synthetic polymer based impression materials. These materials are chemically cross linked when set and have the ability to be stretched and yet recover to their original dimensions. This attribute is similar to that of vulcanized rubber, which regains its original shape after the applied stress has been released. These are also called as Non-Aqueous Elastomeric Impression materials.

Chemically, elastomers can be divided in to three types namely, Silicones, Polyether and Polysulfide. Silicones are further divided into Addition and Condensation Silicones. Elastomers are supplied in base and catalyst forms, which are mixed to result in polymerization of the material.


Addition Silicone:

Often referred to as polyvinyl siloxane(PVS) or vinyl polysiloxane (VPS), these are silicone impression materials based on addition polymerization between divinylpolysiloxane and polymethylhydrosiloxane. A platinum salt acts as the catalyst for this reaction. The base pase contains both polymethylhydrosiloxanne and divinylpolysiloxane. The catalyst contains divinylpolysiloxane and the platinum salt catalyst. Fillers are added to both the base and the catalyst that change the consistency of the products.

Correct proportions of the base and catalyst ensure that there is no formation of by-products. However, if there is any residual polymethylhydrosiloxane, it can lead to a secondary reaction resulting in the formation of hydrogen gas. Although this doesn’t affect the dimensional stability off the impression it can result in pin point voids in the gypsum casts. To account for this, certain manufacturers add noble metals such as platinum to act as a scavenger for the hydrogen gas.


Condensation Silicone:

These impression materials are supplied as low viscosity two paste systems or two putty systems. The putty is used as the tray material and the low viscosity paste is used as the wash impression material. This technique is referred to as the putty wash technique. The by-product of condensation silicone setting reaction is ethyl alcohol. The evaporation that takes place due to this by product, results in contraction of the final impression.



Polyether impression materials are elastomers that deliver a high level of detail reproduction. They are of two types:

  • Based on the ring opening polymerization of the arizidine rings, at the end of the branched polyether molecules.
  • Based on the acid catalysed condensation polymerization of the polyether prepolymer with alkoxylsilane terminal groups.

The second type of polyether impression materials are also called as hybrids. Polyether elastomers of both types have similar behaviour.



Polysulfide elastomeric impression materials, like the other elastomers are supplied as base and catalyst forms. The base is a polysulfide polymer containing a multi-functional mercaptan, a filler and plasticizers. The catalyst consists of lead dioxide, a plasticizer and retarders to control the setting reaction. Polysulfide impression materials yield water as the by product, which has a significant effect on the dimensional stability of the final impression.



Mean Working Time (min)

Mean Setting Time (min)


37 oC


37 oC

Addition Silicone





Condensation Silicone
















What are the brands selling rubber base impression materials online?

3M ESPE, Zhermack, GC, Medicept, DMG, Dentsply, Coltene, Meta, Prime Dental, Danville, Detax and Ivoclar are some of the many brands that sell elastomeric impression materials online at


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