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  1. Septodont Lignospan Special
    Septodont Lignospan Special
    Regular Price ₹1600 Special Price ₹1490
    As low as ₹1432
    Latex free plungers
    Avoids allergic reaction on sensitive patients
  2. Novabone Dental Putty

    From ₹3125

    As low as ₹3125

  3. Advanced Biotech Osseograft DMBM (De Mineralized Bone Matrix) - 2x0.25 g
    Special Price ₹2950
    As low as ₹2846
    High purity Type-I collagen
    Essential for tissue regeneration and remodeling
  4. Novabone PerioGlas
    Novabone PerioGlas
    Regular Price ₹4276 Special Price ₹4070
  5. Advanced Biotech Healiguide - GTR Membranes (Guided Tissue Regeneration)

    From ₹1770

    As low as ₹1703

    Type I collagen membrane from animal tissues
    Purified using patented American technology
  6. Septodont Alveogyl
    Septodont Alveogyl
    Regular Price ₹2150 Special Price ₹1996
    As low as ₹1917
    Used for post extraction dressing
    Convenient and easy to use
  7. Advanced Biotech Periodontal Plus AB (Tetracycline fibre LDD) - 4x25 mg
    Special Price ₹790
    Collagen fibril based formulation
    Contains 2mg of Tetracycline in 25mg of collagen fibrils
  8. Koden Topical Anesthetic Gel

    From ₹600

    As low as ₹600

    Highly effective
    Can be easily applied
  9. Dentsply Barricaid Periodontal Surgical Dressing
    Special Price ₹1750
    Visible light-cured
    Single component
  10. Medicept Dental Hemostat Clear
    Medicept Dental Hemostat Clear
    Regular Price ₹850 Special Price ₹741
    As low as ₹700
    Stays in place yet spreads easily
    Less mess than with other systems
  11. Medicept Dental Hemostat Gel
    Medicept Dental Hemostat Gel
    Regular Price ₹850 Special Price ₹674
    Unique Binding & Coating Agents
    Multiple Applications
  12. Orthogen NanoGen
    Special Price ₹8900
    Nanotechnology based
    In the form of granules of nanocrystalline calcium sulfate
  13. Orthogen DentoGen
    Special Price ₹4800
  14. MAARC Plaque - D (9301/010)
    MAARC Plaque - D (9301/010)
    Regular Price ₹400 Special Price ₹242
    Stains plaque
    Made of special dye
    Out of stock
  15. Coltene Roeko Gelatemp
    Special Price ₹1050
    As low as ₹1011
    Promotes coagulation and haemostasis
    Supports healing
    Out of stock
  16. Coltene G I Mask Starter Kit
    Coltene G I Mask Starter Kit
    Regular Price ₹6720 Special Price ₹6695
    Precise reproduction of gingival contours
    Out of stock
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