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  1. BODE (Sterillium) Sterillium Alcohol Rub

    From ₹85

    As low as ₹77

    Accepted in 50 countries
    For hygienic hand disinfection in-between patients
  2. BODE (Sterillium) Bacillol 25 Surface & Equipment Disinfectant

    From ₹195

    As low as ₹180

    Ready-To-Use Surface & Equipment Disinfectant
    Recommended for rapid disinfection of electronic equipments
  3. Oro Barrier Film
    Oro Barrier Film
    Regular Price ₹1250 Special Price ₹985
    Non-adhesive film
    Finger-lift edge for quick
  4. Oro Barrier Film Dispenser
    Oro Barrier Film Dispenser
    Regular Price ₹1850 Special Price ₹1404
    Reduce waste
  5. Bode Bodedex Forte Instrument Cleanser
    Special Price ₹544
    Effectively reduces upto 96% of the bio burden
    Concentrate to be used at 0.5% & 1% dilution
  6. Hindustan Dispo Van Syringes

    From ₹3

    As low as ₹3

    Ribbon Packaged
    Leur mount single use syringes
  7. Bode Bacillocid

    From ₹523

    As low as ₹482

    Short Exposure Times
    Effective Against Clostridium Difficile Spores
  8. Hindustan Dispo Van Sterile Needles

    From ₹2

    As low as ₹2

    Cold-rolled Stainless Steel Strips
  9. Capri Kleen Betweens
    10% CASH
    Capri Kleen Betweens
    Regular Price ₹50 Special Price ₹48
    As low as ₹43
    Handy to use with cover for brush
    Antibacterial Bristle Protection
  10. Hager Algilock Cleaner Plus
    Hager Algilock Cleaner Plus
    Regular Price ₹3500 Special Price ₹2889
    Out of stock
  11. Septodont Surfasept S.A. 1000ml
    Special Price ₹700
    Aldehyde-free solution
  12. Microshield Angel Blue Antimicrobial Hand Gel
    pH balanced
    Hygienic hand rub
    Out of stock
  13. Septodont Aseptol SA 5Ltr
    Special Price ₹8000
    Aldehyde-free formula
    Dissolves saliva, blood and organic materials from suction lines
    Out of stock
  14. Glutihyde 2%
    Special Price ₹486
  15. Septodont Dimenol
    Special Price ₹450
    Compatible with casting materials
    Out of stock
  16. LD Barrier Envelope
    Special Price ₹550
    Fits Perfectly on IOPA Flim
    Fully Disposable envelopes
    Out of stock
  17. Anabond Microgard Handrub Solution
    Special Price ₹439
    As low as ₹430
    Multi-layered Protection
    Out of stock
  18. Septodont Sapofilm
    Special Price ₹400
    Film-forming agents
    Microbiological cleanliness
    Out of stock
  19. 3M ESPE Avagard Handrub 500ml
    3M ESPE Avagard Handrub 500ml
    Regular Price ₹445 Special Price ₹324
    As low as ₹298
    Infection control
    Destroys bacteria. Not your skin.
    Out of stock
  20. Septodont Decident
    Septodont Decident
    Regular Price ₹770 Special Price ₹764
    Bactericidal in 15 mn
    Mycobactericidal in 15 mn
    Out of stock
  21. ETN Autoclavable Bur Sterilizer
    ETN Autoclavable Bur Sterilizer
    Regular Price ₹495 Special Price ₹357
    As low as ₹324
    Stainless Steel
  22. Pulpdent Wonder Orange Solvent 240ml
    Special Price ₹900
    Strong, organic cleaner
    No thinners
    Out of stock
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