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  1. Prevest Denpro Zinc Oxide (Art.40028)
    Prevest Denpro Zinc Oxide (Art.40028)
    Regular Price ₹120 Special Price ₹85
    As low as ₹76
    Arsenic free
    Extra fine
  2. Maarc Zinc Oxide Powder
    Maarc Zinc Oxide Powder
    Regular Price ₹180 Special Price ₹120
    As low as ₹110
    Arsenic free
    Used for temporary dental dressing
  3. Prevest Denpro Zitemp
    Prevest Denpro Zitemp
    Regular Price ₹165 Special Price ₹145
    As low as ₹130
    Temporary sealant
    Filling material
  4. DPI Zinc Oxide

    From ₹115

    As low as ₹112

    Arsenic Free Material
    Chemically Pure
    Out of Stock
  5. Shivam Dental Zinc Oxide Powder
    Shivam Dental Zinc Oxide Powder
    Regular Price ₹140 Special Price ₹114
    As low as ₹105
    Out of Stock
  6. Ammdent Zinc Oxide
    Ammdent Zinc Oxide
    Special Price ₹125
    As low as ₹116
    Out of Stock
  7. Deepthi Dental Eugenol Pure

    From ₹113

    As low as ₹103

    Excellent quality
    Out of Stock
  8. DPI Eugenol

    From ₹110

    As low as ₹104

    Brownish Viscous Liquid
    Strong Odour of Cloves
    Out of Stock
  9. Deepthi Dental Zinc Oxide Extra Pure
    Special Price ₹120
    As low as ₹117
    Excellent Quality
    Absolute dry
    Out of Stock
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Buy Temporary Luting Agents Online in India



Crown and bridge restorations are one of the most common dental procedures carried out throughout the world. The use of removable dentures was practice for long until the discovery of the jacket crown by Charles Land. Removable dentures had various disadvantages including loss of retention over the years, accumulation of microbes under the denture base and other undesirable outcomes. Crown and bridge procedures involve preparation of the tooth that is to be restored with a crown or the abutment teeth in case of a fixed partial denture. FPD tooth preparation involves reduction of the size of the tooth with suitable features affecting retention and resistance to receive a crown or a bridge.


What are temporary luting agents?

Once the dentist prepares the tooth that is intended to be restored with a fixed prosthesis, an impression is made. The impression is transferred to a dental laboratory where the prosthesis is fabricated. The fabrication process might take 2 days to a week depending on the efficiency of the laboratory and the materials involved. In the case of an anterior tooth restoration, a prepared tooth will be aesthetically unpleasing. To solve this problem, temporary restorations or provisional restorations are made. These temporary restorations can be made using acrylic resin or light cured composite resin. The provisional restorations are to be fixed to the prepared tooth in a manner that facilitates easy removal when the final prosthesis is to be fixed. For this reason, the dentists use temporary luting agents that have lower bond strengths and facilitate removal of the crown or bridge.


What are the commonly used temporary luting agents?

The most commonly used temporary luting agent for a long time in dentistry, is zinc oxide eugenol cement. ZOE cement forms a weak bond with the tooth surface and removal of the prosthesis is immensely during the final appointment. However, the eugenol in the mixture can cause inflammatory reactions when it contacts the soft tissues. To eliminate this issue, non-eugenol cements have been developed which exhibit the bonding properties of zinc oxide eugenol without the addition of eugenol. NETC, Nogenol and Freegenol are some of the non-eugenol zinc oxide cements that are indicated for temporary luting of dental prostheses.


Resin based temporary luting cements such as, RelyX by 3M ESPE, are also indicated for short term luting of provisional restorations. The resin based temporary luting agents include Rely X Temp NE, Kerr Temp Bond NE, Premier Dental NexTemp, Voco Provicol, Detax Dental Tempolink and many others found online at PinkBlue.in


What are the brands selling temporary luting agents online in India?

3M ESPE, Kerr, Premier Dental, Coltene Whaledent, Medicept Dental, Meta, Prevest Denpro, Ramen, Septodont, Xenon Biomed, MAARC, Nexobio, Neelkanth, D Tech Dental are some of the many brands that sell temporary luting agents online at PinkBlue.in


Why buy temporary luting agents online at PinkBlue.in?

PinkBlue.in has an extensive variety of items utilized as a part of each specialization of dentistry. The temporary luting agents found in dentistry are of premium quality and the geniuinity of the products are ensured. With more than 20000 items in general, PinkBlue has the most extensive scope of items accessible on the web. At PinkBlue you get free conveyance on requests over ₹500 and different installment payment choices to suit your need.