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  1. Romsons Kenpore Plus - Paper Tape

    From ₹8

    As low as ₹8

    Tape is thin, soft and flexible
  2. Romsons Laryngeal Mask Dispo

    From ₹317

    As low as ₹317

    100% silicone
  3. Romsons Laryngeal Mask Double Lumen

    From ₹1491

    As low as ₹1491

    good biocompatibility
  4. Romsons Oxy Lock Oxygen Lock Mask

    From ₹78

    As low as ₹78

    Non Sterile
    Latex Free
  5. NSK S-Max M95 Internal Spray Contra Handpiece (with Cashback)
    Cellular Glass Optics
    Ceramic Bearings
    Out of stock
  6. NSK S-Max M25 Internal Spray Contra Handpiece (with Cashback)
    Excellent Stability
    Clean Head System
    Out of stock
  7. MAARC Orthocal Stone Type IV
    Impression Plaster
    Out of stock
  8. MAARC Wire Wax
    Does not deform in shape
    Easy burn out without residue
    Out of stock
  9. Neelkanth U-Klean
    10% CASH
    Neelkanth U-Klean
    Special Price ₹200
    Out of stock
  10. Bio-Art PlastVac P7 220V - COA7P4
    Special Price ₹25200
    Out of stock
  11. Romsons Dispo Mask
    Special Price ₹138
    Comfortable During Use
    Flexible Nose Clip
  12. Sybron Endo Touch N Heat
    Sybron Endo Touch N Heat
    Regular Price ₹44200 Special Price ₹23287
    Patented autoclavable tips
  13. IHL Normal Saline (500ml)
    IHL Normal Saline (500ml)
    Special Price ₹31
    Only for Bangalore and Chennai
  14. Pulpdent Mouth Props

    From ₹700

    As low as ₹700

    Synthetic Rubber
    Out of stock
  15. VIP X-Ray Fixer (Liquid)
    Special Price ₹170
    500 ml
    Out of stock
  16. LA Spray Nummit
    Special Price ₹253
  17. Filtek Z350 XT Universal Restorative Capsule - Refills

    From ₹2286

    As low as ₹2162

    Simple to use
    Lifelike aesthetics
    Out of stock
  18. TePe Nova Active Tip

    From ₹150

    As low as ₹150

    Raised tip - better access to the last molar
    Bendable brush neck and non-slip handle
  19. Formoa-Cresol
    Special Price ₹110
    Formalin, Cresol & Glycerin
    20ml Bottle
  20. TePe Select Regular

    From ₹150

    As low as ₹150

    End-rounded bristles for gentle cleaning
    User-friendly handle and a tapered brush head
  21. TePe Supreme Two-Layered

    From ₹150

    As low as ₹150

    Innovative two level bristle design
    Bendable brush neck
  22. 3M ESPE SS Crown Permanent Molar - Refills

    From ₹1479

    As low as ₹1358

    Pre-trimmed, belled and crimped
    Accurately duplicates anatomy for better fit
    Out of stock
  23. GC Temporary Stopping

    From ₹3450

    As low as ₹3197

    Beta Phase Gutta Percha
    500g of GP Sticks
  24. Dentsply Paper Points
    10% CASH
    Dentsply Paper Points

    From ₹371

    As low as ₹338

    Sizes #15 - 80
    Pack of 180 Points
  25. Cranberry Zense Powder Free Latex Exam Gloves
    Optimizes moist donning efficiency
    Consistent grip in all conditions - moist, wet or dry
    Out of stock
  26. VIP X-Ray Developer (Liquid)
    Special Price ₹170
    500 ml
  27. Cranberry Zense Pre-Powdered Latex Exam Gloves

    From ₹319

    As low as ₹313

    Low modulus - superior dexterity and comfort
    Smooth surface - excellent tactile sensitivity
  28. Blossom Cotton rolls
    Special Price ₹271
  29. DMG Silagum Mix Star Putty

    From ₹4560

    As low as ₹4315

    Exceptional dimensional
    Snap-set behavior
    Out of stock
  30. Hexidine Mouth Wash 500ml
    Special Price ₹204
  31. Ivoclar Vivadent OptraSculpt Pad - Assortment & Refills

    From ₹4158

    As low as ₹4158

    Non-stick shaping and contouring
    Creation of smooth and even surfaces
  32. AbGel Sponge USP
    AbGel Sponge USP
    Regular Price ₹265 Special Price ₹210
    Out of stock
  33. Microbrush Tube Series

    From ₹1770

    As low as ₹1770

    Stiffer head
    Stronger bending portion
    Out of stock
  34. Gold Flame GazCan
    Special Price ₹165
  35. Stim Denture Box
    10% CASH
    Stim Denture Box
    Special Price ₹50
  36. Morita Root ZX Mini Apex Locator (with Cashback)
    Morita Root ZX Mini Apex Locator (with Cashback)
    Regular Price ₹59000 Special Price ₹50431
    4th Generation
    Multiple Frequency Technology
    Out of stock
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Items 109-144 of 252

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