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  1. Allure Handpiece - Push Button (PB)

    From ₹2800

    As low as ₹2800

    Excellent finish
  2. Gold Flame GazCan
    Special Price ₹165
  3. Pulpdent File Rite

    From ₹725

    As low as ₹690

    17% EDTA Semi Gel
    5g Syringes; Kit(4) & Refills
  4. 3M Skin Prepping Povidone Iodine Solution IP

    From ₹35

    As low as ₹35

    Kills bacteria and fungi
    Water-based antiseptic skin preparation
  5. Dentaurum O - Tray Impression Trays

    From ₹110

    As low as ₹110

    Deep Vertical Walls
  6. PD Swiss Articulating Paper

    From ₹775

    As low as ₹775

    Thin and Thick
    Non - Adhesive
  7. DPI Heat Cure

    From ₹255

    As low as ₹240

    Only in Bangalore & Chennai
    Heat Cured Acrylic Denture Base Material
  8. Voco Polofil NHT Flow Syringe Refills

    From ₹855

    As low as ₹824

    Ideal flowability
    Outstanding physical properties
  9. Meisinger Round Carbide FG Burs

    From ₹650

    As low as ₹604

    Airotor burs
  10. Life Steriware Stericab Ultra Violet Storage Cabinet

    From ₹8183

    As low as ₹7640

  11. Hahnen Kratt Mega FS - Front Surface Mouth Mirror

    From ₹1350

    As low as ₹1276

    Exact sharpness
    High contrast reflection
  12. Romsons Re-Inforced Endotracheal Tube Cuffed

    From ₹488

    As low as ₹488

    High Volume
    Low Pressure Cuff
  13. Euronda Monoart Plastic Cup

    From ₹350

    As low as ₹350

    Made of Plastic
    Rounded edge
  14. Medicept Dental Flow Plus

    From ₹529

    As low as ₹486

  15. Ivoclar Virtual Putty - Refills

    From ₹7938

    As low as ₹7409

    Excellent adaptation to moist hard and soft tissues
    Exceptional readability and precision
  16. Meisinger Tapered Fissure Carbide HP Burs

    From ₹650

    As low as ₹604

    Straight HP burs
  17. Centrino Begg Molar Band

    From ₹150

    As low as ₹150

    Maxillary and Mandibular Shapes
    Narrow Occlusal - Gingival Height
  18. Coltene Hyflex EDM Rotary File

    From ₹3650

    As low as ₹3650

    1 Files Shaping System
    5th generation root canal file
  19. SDI Pola Day/Night - 4x3g

    From ₹2900

    As low as ₹2900

    Neutral PH
    High water content
  20. LD Set-Up Tray

    From ₹55

    As low as ₹55

    Autoclavable Plastic
  21. Stoddard Diamond Brushes

    From ₹400

    As low as ₹391

    No polishing paste required
  22. MAARC Boxing Wax

    From ₹134

    As low as ₹134

    Tacky for boxing
  23. Tor Vm Transparent Crowns

    From ₹1400

    As low as ₹1400

    Precise design Durable
    Perfect finish
  24. GC Interproximal Brush

    From ₹300

    As low as ₹289

    Makes it easy to clean interdental areas
    Specially curved, non-slip antibacterial handle
  25. Dentaurum Orthocryl Powder and Liquid

    From ₹1450

    As low as ₹1450

  26. Deepthi Dental CMS Separating Medium

    From ₹40

    As low as ₹40

    Tissue Conditioner
    Acts as a Separator
  27. Romsons Kenpore Pro- Surgical Tape

    From ₹33

    As low as ₹33

    Non woven surgical tape
    Air Permeable
  28. Sand Paper
    Special Price ₹12
  29. Genoray OPG Papaya

    From ₹750000

    As low as ₹750000

    Cubical Semi Tomography (CUST) image
    Cross Sectional information
  30. Romsons Ventilator Circuit

    From ₹179

    As low as ₹179

  31. Romsons Dispo Guard

    From ₹193

    As low as ₹193

    Effective Barrier
  32. Romsons Epi Kit SFT

    From ₹499

    As low as ₹499

    Execellent Bio Compatibility
  33. Romsons Exteena Needle Free Connector

    From ₹46

    As low as ₹46

    Latex Free
    Compatible with MRI
  34. Romsons Endobronchial Tube

    From ₹2376

    As low as ₹2376

    Long Term Ventilation
  35. Romsons Flat Drain Set

    From ₹432

    As low as ₹432

    100% silicone materia
    Atraumatic and gentle
  36. Romsons Foley Trac Paediatric

    From ₹56

    As low as ₹56

    Highly elastic drainage funnel
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