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Buy Suction Tips Online in India



Suction tips are disposable tips that are attached to a vacuum supply that are used to remove saliva and other fluids from the dental field of operation. It is a consumable that is used regularly by dentists and is a very essential part of the dental inventory. Suction tips also known as saliva ejectors are of two types, namely disposable and re-usable. The disposable variants are used more regularly by dentists. They are flexible plastic tubes that are placed in the patient’s oral cavity during dental procedures. They aid both the dentist and the patient as they ensure isolation and patient comfort respectively.


What are the parts of a saliva ejector system?

The saliva ejector system consists of the three following parts:

  • Plastic Tube          - The plastic tube consists of a guard cover to prevent large particles from entering the tube and causing obstruction
  • Handle                   - The handle lodges the plastic tube which in turn is connected to the hose. The handle has a switch which serves as on/off control
  • Hose                       - The hose of a saliva ejector system attaches to the vacuum source in the suction unit


What is the importance of suction in dentistry?

There are two types of suction that are used by dentists, namely the low volume and high volume suction systems. Suction tips are used in conjunction with the low volume suction systems to serve the following purposes that are significant in dental treatment:


Patient Comfort:

Patient comfort is high priority in dentistry. Suction tips are used after the dentist injects local anaesthetic solution, during fillings, scaling procedures and many more. The rationale for using a suction tip after local anaesthetic delivery is to remove the excess anaesthetic solution from the patient’s oral cavity, as it has a bitter taste and also to prevent the flow of the solution into the posterior regions of the mouth that might cause a numb feeling at the back of the patients mouth. During filling and scaling procedures the water spray from the handpieces, stagnate in the patient’s mouth. Suction tips are used here to remove the water and enhance patient comfort during the procedure.


Removal of excess materials:

During procedures such as polishing of teeth us prophy pastes or filling a prepared cavity, excess material stays in the patients mouth. Suction tips remove these excess materials that are present in the oral cavity


Isolation of teeth:

The importance of isolation in dentistry has been reiterated time and again. Procedures involving restoration with composite resins require a high degree of isolation to ensure proper polymerization of the composite material. In these instances, placement of a suction tip connected to vacuum system, near the tooth to be filled, can prove highly beneficial


Visibility for the dentist:

The water from the handpieces can hinder the visibility of the dentist. The use of suction tips to remove this water can improve the visibility and enhance the treatment procedure.


Suction Tips and Cross Contamination:

The possibility of occurrence of cross contamination via the use of suction tips has been a matter of concern in the last decade. It has been frequently discussed and increasingly difficult to solve. Evacuation systems are highly essential in dental procedures. However, care has to be taken to make sure that the suction systems do not promote the spread of disease. There are possibilities for bacterial colonization inside the evacuation system and this is a matter of concern. They can also support biofilm growth turning into a reservoir for potential pathogens.


Backflow in suction tips is an important topic of discussion when talking about infection control. Dental patients, mostly young patient, have a tendency to wrap their lips around the suction tip. This creates a vacuum and promotes backflow of the evacuated components, into the patient’s mouth. There are instances where dental hygienists advice patients to close their lips around the suction tips. These practices are absurd and must be discontinued. Although there are no clinical examples, the backflow off the evacuated fluids and material into the oral cavity can potentially cause infection. This must be kept in mind by every dentist during dental procedures.


What are the brands selling suction tips online in India?

Capri, Denmax, Green Guava, Euronda, Dispodent, DenSafe, Neelkanth, Oro, Trikasafe, Hager, Angelus and Ultradent are some of the brands that sell suction tips online at


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