Retail Businesses – SOPs for Covid-19 Safety

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COVID-19 Safety
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The Retail Businesses – SOPs for Covid-19 Safety is a detailed document that contains the best practices that can be implemented in your Retail Business to protect your employees & customers from the risk of transmission of Covid-19. It can be downloaded from this page and viewed as per your preference on devices such as mobile phones, laptops, PCs or tablets. This free document is made digitally available to facilitate easy-sharing among key stakeholders who manage operational activities in your workplace.

Click Here to download the COVID-19 Safety SOP for Retail Businesses

Why this document?

Covid-19, the unprecedented global pandemic, has changed the world. As a result, every business has to adapt itself the “new normal”, which involves employing best safety practices such as social distancing, personal protection, frequent sanitization and efficient disinfection. However, in the minds of business owners, there are multiple questions around implementing these best practices, in addition to the newer plans that are to be put in place to ensure business continuity. While owners would have the best possible solutions for the latter,, with its holistic expertise in healthcare, would be the best partner in addressing the former.

These SOPs, created by, are structured in a format that is easily understandable, while retaining all critical information. It is crafted in an industry specific manner, with images and textual content that best fits the industry, which makes adapting to the “new normal” as easy as it can get. It contains the risks, mitigation & safety measures, regulatory guidelines & tools needed for different scenarios that are encountered in your day-to-day business. Towards the end of the document, a collation of SOPs across scenarios and “how to use” guides for the commonly used tools are included as well. We hope this SOP document helps you navigate the post Covid-19 business world confidently!