RC irrigants & Root repair

RC irrigants & Root repair

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  1. Elements Quick Prep EDTA Gel
    Elements Quick Prep EDTA Gel
    Regular Price ₹250 Special Price ₹99
    As low as ₹79
    Excellent files lubrication properties
    Superlative chelation
  2. Elements Sodium Hypochlorite
    Elements Sodium Hypochlorite

    From ₹95

    As low as ₹85

    Endodontic Irrigant
    Excellent Antibacterial Agent
  3. Elements EDTA Liquid 30ml
    Elements EDTA Liquid 30ml
    Regular Price ₹199 Special Price ₹99
    As low as ₹79
    For Removing Smear Layer
    Irrigating agent during root canal cleaning
  4. Prime Dental RC Help
    Prime Dental RC Help

    From ₹134

    As low as ₹120

    EDTA Paste
    3g & 20g Syringes
  5. Prime Dental Sodium Hypochlorite 3%
    Prime Dental Sodium Hypochlorite 3%
    Regular Price ₹150 Special Price ₹123
    As low as ₹112
    3% Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
    500ml Bottle
  6. VIP Sodium Hypochlorite 5%
    VIP Sodium Hypochlorite 5%
    Special Price ₹210
    Active ingredient
  7. Dental Avenue Avueprep
    Dental Avenue Avueprep

    From ₹120

    As low as ₹108

    Softens infected dentine
    Antibacterial effect in the canal
  8. Sure Endo Sure Prep
    Sure Endo Sure Prep
    Regular Price ₹2300 Special Price ₹1828
    As low as ₹1756
    15% EDTA
    Improves the tubular penetration of endodontic medicaments
  9. Maquira E.D.T.A Trissodium

    From ₹300

    As low as ₹273

    Chelating agent
    Dentin permeability
  10. GDP Chloraxid Sodium Hypochlorite
    GDP Chloraxid Sodium Hypochlorite
    Regular Price ₹1361 Special Price ₹993
    5.25% Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
    400ml Bottle
  11. Meta MD Cleanser
    Meta MD Cleanser
    Regular Price ₹710 Special Price ₹547
    As low as ₹515
    17% EDTA Solution
    100ml Bottle
  12. Maarc ENDO L - EDTA Liquid

    From ₹154

    As low as ₹139

    Smear layer Removal
    Reduces File Breakage
  13. Prevest Denpro Chlor X (Art.40026)
    Prevest Denpro Chlor X (Art.40026)
    Regular Price ₹250 Special Price ₹145
    As low as ₹136
    Chlorhexidine Digluconate Solution
    100ml Solution
  14. Prevest Denpro EDTA Solution (Art.40004)
    Prevest Denpro EDTA Solution (Art.40004)
    Regular Price ₹210 Special Price ₹106
    As low as ₹95
    17% EDTA Solution
  15. Pyrax Endocanal Gel

    From ₹192

    As low as ₹173

    Cleans canals
    Increases RCT instruments life
  16. Septodont Parcan Bottle

    From ₹100

    As low as ₹100

    Ready to use
    Buffered & Stabilized Formulation
  17. PD Swiss Endoseptone
    PD Swiss Endoseptone
    Regular Price ₹2850 Special Price ₹1750
    As low as ₹1713
    Root Canal Disinfection
    Sedative and Anti - Inflammator
  18. Pyrax Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
    Pyrax Sodium Hypochlorite Solution

    From ₹167

    As low as ₹153

    Digest pulpal debris
    Used with a stabilizer to increase shelf life
  19. Prevest Dolo Endogel
    Prevest Dolo Endogel

    From ₹117

    As low as ₹109

    17% EDTA & 10% Carbamide Peroxide
    2g Syringe ;Intro(1) & Economy(4) Packs
  20. Ammdent Prep Canal
    Ammdent Prep Canal
    Regular Price ₹535 Special Price ₹320
    EDTA & Carbamide Peroxide
    2 x 3.5g Syringes
  21. VIP Sodium Hypochlorite 3%
    VIP Sodium Hypochlorite 3%
    Special Price ₹200
    Active Ingredient
  22. Meta MD Chelcream
    Meta MD Chelcream
    Regular Price ₹1550 Special Price ₹795
    As low as ₹779
    19% EDTA Cream
    2 x 7g Syringes
  23. Ammdent Dentochlore
    Ammdent Dentochlore
    Regular Price ₹598 Special Price ₹363
    Antiseptic Root Canal Disinfectant
    220ml Bottle
  24. Prime Dental Dent Wash
    Prime Dental Dent Wash
    Regular Price ₹170 Special Price ₹157
    As low as ₹141
    17% EDTA Solution
    Smear layer Removal
  25. Dentsply Glyde File Prep - Syringe Kit
    Dentsply Glyde File Prep - Syringe Kit
    Regular Price ₹2805 Special Price ₹1795
    15% EDTA & 10% Carbamide Peroxide
    Clean & Removes smear layer
  26. D-Tech Root Prep
    D-Tech Root Prep

    From ₹220

    As low as ₹201

    High chelation value
    High water solubility
  27. Medicept Dental RC Plus EDTA Gel
    Medicept Dental RC Plus EDTA Gel
    Regular Price ₹750 Special Price ₹712
    As low as ₹670
    EDTA, Glyclol and Urea Peroxide
    9g Tube
  28. Pyrax RC Clean
    Pyrax RC Clean
    Regular Price ₹195 Special Price ₹103
    As low as ₹93
    Used to remove gutta percha
    Used to remove temporary cement
  29. Premier Dental R C Prep
    Premier Dental R C Prep
    Regular Price ₹2840 Special Price ₹2765
    As low as ₹2665
    EDTA, Glyclol and Urea Peroxide
    18g Jar
  30. Sure Endo Sure Paste
    Sure Endo Sure Paste
    Regular Price ₹2900 Special Price ₹2073
    As low as ₹1997
    Calcium Hydroxide Paste
    2 x 2g Syringes
  31. Maarc Endogel
    Maarc Endogel
    Regular Price ₹250 Special Price ₹175
    As low as ₹157
    17% EDTA Gel
    Chelating Agent
    Out of Stock
  32. Prime Dental RC Twents
    Prime Dental RC Twents
    Regular Price ₹250 Special Price ₹216
    As low as ₹197
    Two Sided Vents
    Efficient Irrigation
    Out of Stock
  33. Prime Dental Sodium Hypochlorite 5%
    Special Price ₹120
    As low as ₹119
    5% Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
    250ml Bottle
    Out of Stock
  34. Dental Avenue Avueprep Plus
    Dental Avenue Avueprep Plus
    Regular Price ₹190 Special Price ₹146
    As low as ₹131
    Makes easy for instrumentation
    Irrigating agent during root canal cleaning
    Out of Stock
  35. Maarc Sodium Hypochlorite

    From ₹100

    Endodontic Irrigant
    Effective Antimicrobial
    Out of Stock
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Buy RC Irrigants & Root Repair Materials Online In India


The important phases of root canal therapy include removal of the etiological agents of pulpitis, proper instrumentation, irrigation and completely sealing the root canal with suitable biocompatible substitutes. Irrigation may be considered as the most important phase of endodontic therapy because, if properly done, it eliminates the causes of pulpal inflammation such as bacteria and other irritants present in the root canal system and determines the healing of the periapical tissues. Inadequate irrigation and debridement of the canal, may in the long run, become a reason for failure of endodontic therapy.

Root canal instrumentation is done with utmost care by dentists, since it is very significant to avoid any damage to the root structure. But in certain cases, untoward events such as root perforations do happen. Root perforations are iatrogenic or pathologic communications between the root canal and the surrounding periodontium. In these circumstances root repair agents are highly useful in correcting root perforations, thereby protecting the periodontal attachments.



Irrigation goes hand in hand with instrumentation during endodontic therapy. Irrigating solutions when used with proper biomechanical preparation help to loosen debris, microbes and pulpal tissue and facilitate their removal from the canal. Root canal irrigation has mechanical, chemical and biological objectives such as removal of the smear layer, flushing, lubrication and dissolving actions and most importantly antimicrobial action.

Ideal Requirements of Root Canal Irrigants:

  • Germicidal and fungicidal action
  • Must not irritate the periapical tissues
  • Prolonged and sustained antibacterial effect
  • Completely remove the smear layer
  • Does not stain tooth structure
  • Does not induce an immune response
  • Does not hinder the sealing ability of filling materials
  • Disinfect dentinal tubules
  • Easy handling and application
  • Inexpensive


What are the commonly used root canal irrigants?

Root canal irrigating solutions may be classified as antimicrobial, tissue dissolving and chelating agents. Certain materials such as MTAD have combinations of these properties. The most commonly used root canal irrigating solutions are sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), Chlorhexidine gluconate (CHX), ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), 1-hydroxyethylidene-1, 1-bisphosphonate (HEBP) or Etidronate, a mixture of doxycycline, citric acid and detergent known as MTAD and normal saline.



Irrigants such as chlorhexidine, sodium hypochlorite and MTAD have antibacterial properties. Of these, CHX and MTAD have bacteriostatic properties while NaOCl is bacteriocidal. 

Sodium hypochlorite in addition to being bacteriocidal, acts as a tissue dissolving agent. It is used in concentrations between 0.5% to 7%. Although higher concentrations of NaOCl have better antibacterial and tissue dissolving properties, it has been shown to effectively kill target microbes even at low concentrations of 0.1%, when the confounding factors are eliminated. However, irrigation with NaOCl should be carried out with caution as it exhibits toxic effects such as hemolysis, epithelial ulceration and necrosis on vital tissues.

Chlorhexidine gluconate is a widely used root canal irrigant which is an excellent antibacterial and antifungal agent. The antibacterial effect of CHX has been estimated to last upto 12 weeks in dentin. CHX, containing positively charged molecules reacts with the negatively charged phosphate groups on the microbial cell wall, ultimately causing lysis of the cell. It is usually used in concentrations between 0.12% and 2%. Care should be taken while using CHX along with NaOCl as the reaction between the two results in the formation a precipitate, parachloroaniline (PCA). PCA has adverse effects on treatment as it occludes the dentinal tubules, thereby compromising the seal of the obturated root canal.

MTAD, a mixture of doxycycline (tetracycline), citric acid and detergent is a recently developed root canal irrigant which satisfies most of the ideal requisites. It has excellent antimicrobial properties, in addition to being able to effectively remove the smear layer and act as a chelating agent. Studies have shown that MTAD is highly effective in killing the Enterococcus faecalis bacteria even in 200x dilutions. In comparison NaOCl proved to be efficacious up to 32x dilutions.



Chelation is derived from the Greek word “chele” meaning “crab claw”. Chelating agents are used in endodontic therapy to chemically soften the dentin in the root canal, remove the smear layer and increase dentin permeability. The most commonly used chelating agent in endodontics is Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). Commercially it is marketed as RC Help, SurePrep, Endogel, PrepRite and various other names by manufacturers.

It is recommended to use EDTA along with rotary endodontic files to facilitate root canal preparation. Also final irrigation of the canal with 15-17% EDTA is recommended by many authors for removal of smear layer.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Commonly Used RC Irrigants





Antimicrobial activity




Ability to remove smear layer




Dentin conditioning properties








Shelf life stability




Positive effect on root canal seal




Negative effect on dentin structure




Upregulation of regional immune response






Iatrogenic perforations of the root canal occur sometimes during instrumentation of while preparing the canal for a post. As a result, the periradicular tissues are inflamed, which reduces the prognosis. Moreover, coronal microleakge further complicates the situation as the microbes re-infect the canal. Therefore, as a remedial measure repair of root canal perforations, irrespective of cause, are indicated to increase the rate of success of therapy. Materials such as glass ionomer cement (GIC), mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA), Biodentine and platelet rich fibrin (PRF) are used in repair of perforations in the root canal. MTA has been a biocompatible material that has numerous applications in dentistry. It has been shown to induce regeneration of cementum, a property not exhibited by other root repair materials.


What are the brands selling RC Irrigants and Root Repair materials online in india ?

Cresophene, Canal Plus, Largal Ultra and Parcan by Septodont, BioSol, Exawash and Hypo 3 by Xenon, Prep Rite, EDTA 17% and File Rite by Pulpdent, Hyposol, Chlor X and Dolo Endogel by Prevest Denpro, Glyde File Prep by Dentsply are a few of the various materials sold online at PinkBlue.in by leading manufacturers of dental products worldwide.


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