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  1. Task Crown Scissors

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  2. Task Band Pusher Trihedral Handle #142 - 60-811
    Task Band Pusher Trihedral Handle #142 - 60-811
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  3. Task Mathieu Plier #155mm - N-215
    Task Mathieu Plier #155mm - N-215
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  4. Task Young Plier

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  5. Task Tweed Loop Forming Plier - 60-304
    Task Tweed Loop Forming Plier - 60-304
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    Wires up to.022"
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  6. Task Plier Case

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  7. Task Curved Smaha #140mm - 30567
    Task Curved Smaha #140mm - 30567
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  8. Task Hollow Chop Plier - 60-006
    Task Hollow Chop Plier - 60-006
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  9. Task Adams Plier (Universal) - 60-214T
    Task Adams Plier (Universal) - 60-214T
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    Wires up to .040"
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Buy Orthodontic Instruments Online in India



Orthodontics deals with the proper alignment of the teeth and establishment of a healthy occlusion. There are numerous instruments used by the orthodontist, in conjunction with fixed and removable orthodontic appliances. It is essential for the orthodontist to know the instruments that are used routinely to increase working knowledge and also prevent misuse of certain instruments.


What are ortho instruments made of?

The cutting edges of the orthodontic instruments are made of stainless steel or carbide steel.  Tungsten carbide tips have more durability and cutting performance but are more brittle than stainless steel.

Features of orthodontic instruments

Stainless steel

Corrosion resistant

Cutting inserts

Made of hard metal

Tungsten carbide tips

Higher cutting efficiency

Gold brazing

Longer instrument life

Rounded tips

Patient comfort

Shape and crew joint


Working ends separations

Enhance grip

Bow out handles

Better handling


What are the different ortho instruments?

Orthodontic instruments are plenty in number having applications in various steps of orthodontic treatment. These instruments may be classified as follows:


Ortho Pliers:

Orthodontic pliers are many in number of various shapes and indications. The following are the different orthodontic pliers with their applications in orthodontic therapy:

  • Separating pliers are used to place elastic separators in the interdental spaces of the teeth which are intended to be banded. They have a spring back action
  • Band crimping pliers are used to contour the surfaces of preformed bands to achieve a better adaptation to the tooth anatomy
  • Johnson band contouring plier, band pinching plier and peak plier are other pliers used to contour and adapt the molar bands
  • Bracket removing pliers are used to remove bonded brackets. They are available in two forms namely straight and with a 60 degrees angled tip
  • Adams plier is used in fabrication of the Adam’s clasp and has two smooth rectangular beaks.
  • Adam’s clasp bending pliers are special pliers that are used for easy forming of the Adam’s clasp in one step.
  • Arrow clasp bending pliers are used to bed the arrow clasp
  • Adam’s spring forming plier are used to adjust springs on orthodontic removable appliances.
  • De la rosa contouring pliers are used to accentuate the curvature on the archwire
  • Straight light wire pliers are used to form arch wires, spring preparation and other uses.
  • Angle wire bending pliers are used to make components of removable and fixed appliances
  • Nance loop forming pliers are used for forming loops and adjusting pre-shaped arches for fixed appliance therapy
  • Universal plier is used for bending wires for removable and fixed appliances.
  • Rose torqueing plier is used for applying labial or lingual torque to archwires.


Bracket Positioning:

These instruments are used in positioning the brackets onto the surfaces of the tooth. The brackets are positioned on the labial surface of the tooth, excluding lingual orthodontic therapy, by the use of certain gauges and tweezers.

Bracket positioning gauges are used as a bracket positioning aid. They accurately measure the height of bracket placement from the incisal edge at 3.5, 4, 4.5 and 5 mm. Examples of bracket positioning gauges are the Boon’s Gauge and the bracket positioning height gauge. The

Bracket holders or tweezers are used to hold brackets during bonding procedures. The beaks of these tweezers are diamond shaped with serrations to firmly grip the bracket. The flat end of the handle is used to press the bracket into position while bonding


Wire Cutters:

Pin and ligature cutter (PLC), distal end cutter, Maun’s heavy duty wire cutters are examples of wire cutters. They are used to cut the excess wire during orthodontic treatment.

The pin and ligature cutter is specially designed for smooth cutting of soft ligature wires, lockpins and elastomerics. These can be used to cut ligatures below 0.015 mm in diameter. PLC cutters come in straight and angulated variants. The angulated versions have 45 or 90 degree cutting tips for use in posterior areas and in lingual orthodontics


Band Seaters:

Orthodontic bands are seated in position using band seaters. Instruments such as the band pusher and the band seater are used to place the orthodontic band around the tooth intended as an anchor. The bands may be crimped and contoured to suit the anatomical structure of the tooth. Band cutting scissors are also used to cut band material They may be made of stainless steel with a tungsten carbide cutting insert to improve the cutting efficiency



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