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  1. PD Swiss Granulotech
    PD Swiss Granulotech
    Regular Price ₹9000 Special Price ₹6674
    As low as ₹6159
    Eugenol Free
    Permanent Obturation of the Infected Root
  2. PD Swiss Endofill
    PD Swiss Endofill
    Regular Price ₹4000 Special Price ₹3140
    As low as ₹2862
    Radiopaque Preparation for Permanent Root Canal Filling
    Anti - Inflammatory
  3. GC Temporary Stopping

    From ₹3386

    As low as ₹3136

    Beta Phase Gutta Percha
    500g of GP Sticks
  4. Coltene Guttaflow Refill Pack
    Coltene Guttaflow Refill Pack
    Regular Price ₹6446 Special Price ₹5337
    As low as ₹5077
    Cold Flowable Gutta Percha
    20 Capsules
  5. Sun Medical Hybrid Root Seal
    Special Price ₹3500
    Self Etching Resin Based Sealer
    5g Powder & 4.5g Liquid
  6. Denjoy Positionable Pluggers
    Denjoy Positionable Pluggers
    Regular Price ₹7000 Special Price ₹4894
    As low as ₹4481
    High quality
    Hand Plugger
  7. Coltene Guttaflow Intro Kit
    Special Price ₹32256
    As low as ₹31575
    Cold Flowable Gutta Percha
    20 Capsules with Dispenser
  8. Ivoclar Vivadent ApexCal Calcium Hydroxide Paste

    From ₹751

    As low as ₹688

    Calcium Hydroxide Paste
    High radiopacity (400% Al)
    Out of Stock
  9. Dentsply AH Plus Root Canal Sealant
    Dentsply AH Plus Root Canal Sealant
    Regular Price ₹4570 Special Price ₹4510
    Long term sealing properties
    Outstanding dimensional stability
    Out of Stock
  10. Pulpdent Root Canal Sealer

    From ₹4200

    As low as ₹4000

    Tissue Compatible
    Out of Stock
  11. Ultradent UltraCal XS Kit & Refill

    From ₹3575

    As low as ₹3463

    Calcium Hydroxide Paste
    4 x 1.2ml Syringes
    Out of Stock
  12. Dentsply AH 26 Root Canal Sealant
    Dentsply AH 26 Root Canal Sealant
    Regular Price ₹3720 Special Price ₹3657
    As low as ₹3374
    Resin Sealer
    8g Powder & 10g Resin
    Out of Stock
  13. Itena MTA Bioseal
    Itena MTA Bioseal
    Special Price ₹4450
    As low as ₹4224
    Homogeneous penetration of MTA in tubulis
    Perfect sealing
    Out of Stock
  14. Septodont Bio Root RCS
    Special Price ₹12000
    As low as ₹11309
    Used as a permanent root canal sealer
    Outstanding adhesion to dentin and gutta-percha points
    Out of Stock
  15. SuriDent Gutta Cutter
    SuriDent Gutta Cutter
    Regular Price ₹4500 Special Price ₹3497
    As low as ₹3188
    Out of Stock
  16. Septodont Endocal
    Special Price ₹3200
    As low as ₹3042
    Calcium Hydroxide Paste
    4g Syringe
    Out of Stock
  17. Angelus MTA Fillapex Small Tube
    Angelus MTA Fillapex Small Tube
    Regular Price ₹4400 Special Price ₹4275
    Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer
    12g Tubes
    Out of Stock
  18. Voco Calcimol LC
    Special Price ₹3400
    As low as ₹3163
    Light Cure Calcium Hydroxide
    2 x 2.5g Syringes
    Out of Stock
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Buy Root Canal Obturation Products Online in India


The penultimate step in endodontic therapy is obturation or obliteration of the root canal with certain biocompatible and inert substitutes to completely seal the canal. This is followed by entrance filling and placement of a jacket crown over the endodontically treated tooth. An ideal obturation of the root canal should result in a hermetic seal.


 What are the materials used in dental obturation?

Root canal obturation materials include the primary root canal filling materials and root canal sealers. Spreaders and pluggers are instruments used to effectively seal the canal with the obturation materials. Absorbent paper points are used to remove moisture from the canal system which may hinder a proper seal. All these materials are used in combination to create a perfectly sealed root canal.



Various materials were being used in dentistry for total obturation of the root canal. These include amalgam, asbestos, balsam, cements, copper, gold foils, lead, paraffin, plaster of paris, resin, rubber, silver points etc. However, none of the materials mentioned above met the requirements of a root canal filling material. But the search for a suitable root canal obturating material came to an end with discovery of Gutta Percha. Edward Truman was the first person to introduce gutta percha to dentistry, as a temporary filling material. Ingle and Levine in 1959 proposed standardization of gutta percha points used in dentistry. GP points are composed of a gutta percha matrix, zinc oxide fillers, radiopacifiers, plasticizer waxes and resins. They are available in standard sizes and tapers analogous to the instruments used to shape the canal. For example, Dentsply Protaper gutta percha points are used in obturation of canals shaped using Dentsply Protaper files.



The root canal must be completely free of moisture before obturation is initiated. Any residual moisture in the canal can hinder the ability of the obturating material and sealers to completely seal the walls of the canal. Such discrepancies may act as a nidus for bacterial colonization due to microleakage. Absorbent paper points are used to eliminate the moisture present in the root canals. They are available in standardized sizes to effectively absorb any residual moisture. In addition, they also provide preliminary guidance to asses the measurement of the root canal depth before obturation.



Root canal sealants are materials used in conjunction with biologically acceptable obturating materials to establish an adequate seal of the canal. The types of sealers available are zinc oxide eugenol based, calcium hydroxide based, glass ionomer based or resin based. The sealers are coated along the walls of the canal before initiating obturation. The core filling materials are coated the sealers before placing them into the canal. This further aids in creating an impervious seal, and filling any discrepancies between the canal and the core filling material.



Spreaders are tapered, long pointed instruments that are used to compress the gutta percha cones towards the apical constriction. The are also used to laterally condense the cones to create space for the accessory cones. Spreaders can be of two types; one with a handle known as hand spreaders and smaller variants called finger spreaders.

Pluggers are long, blunt and flat tipped blade instruments used in the vertical condensation technique. They are also used for plugging of gutta percha at the end of all other obturation techniques. They are available as hand pluggers, with a handle or finger pluggers.


What are the brands selling obturation materials online in india ?

Ammdent, Anabond Stedman, Coltene Whaledent, Dental Avenue, Dentsply, Dia Dent, Ivoclar Vivadent, Medicept, MicroMega, VDW, Voco are some of the various brands that sell their obturation materials online at PinkBlue.in


 Why buy Obturation materials online at PinkBlue.in?

PinkBlue.in is the leading online supplier of dental materials in India. The products available online at PinkBlue are procured from genuine manufacturers and vendors, to ensure the highest quality. As a result, all products sold are 100% genuine. With a wide range of products to choose from, every dentist can find the materials they look for at the best prices