NSK Endo-Mate AT Endomotor (with Cashback)

7 Ncm
100-13000 rpm
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NSK Endo Mate AT is a compact endo motor used in rotary endodontics. Having a wide range of torque and speed this endo rotary motor settings, allows the use of Ni-Ti files from virtually all major manufacturers. This is not a cordless endo motor and is attached to the control unit by means of a cord. The flag control panel of the endodontic motor has a simple user interface. The NSK endo motor is light weight and offers excellent ergonomics. 


  • Fits all major brands of Ni-Ti Rotary Files
  • Torque control, with integrated auto-reverse function
  • Compact Stylish Control/ Monitor pad
  • Large Screen Size for immediate visibility
  • Flag Control panel for simple & user-friendly operation
  • Light weight, Smart hand piece offering excellent visibility
  • Convenient On/Off Switch