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  1. Septodont Lignospan Special
    Septodont Lignospan Special
    Regular Price ₹1600 Special Price ₹1520
    As low as ₹1441
    Latex free plungers
    Avoids allergic reaction on sensitive patients
  2. Pascal Precaine Gel
    Pascal Precaine Gel
    Regular Price ₹935 Special Price ₹786
    As low as ₹722
    Offer inside
    Instantaneous Pain relief
  3. Lignox 2% A
    Special Price ₹32
    Local Anaesthetic
  4. Surgical Spirit

    From ₹94

    As low as ₹79

    Only in Bangalore & Chennai
  5. Advanced Biotech Periodontal Plus AB (Tetracycline fibre LDD) - 4x25 mg
    Special Price ₹790
    Collagen fibril based formulation
    Contains 2mg of Tetracycline in 25mg of collagen fibrils
  6. LA Spray Nummit
  7. Coltene Roeko Gelatemp
    Special Price ₹1050
    As low as ₹1011
    Promotes coagulation and haemostasis
    Supports healing
    Out of stock
  8. Septodont Septanest 1/100,000
    Special Price ₹1700
    As low as ₹1567
    Latex free plungers and seals
    Terminal sterilization of products
    Out of stock
  9. Novabone Dental Putty

    From ₹3125

    As low as ₹3125

  10. Deepthi Dental Fiber Splint
    Deepthi Dental Fiber Splint
    Regular Price ₹500 Special Price ₹264
    As low as ₹240
    Out of stock
  11. Advanced Biotech Osseograft DMBM (De Mineralized Bone Matrix) - 2x0.25 g
    Special Price ₹2950
    As low as ₹2846
    High purity Type-I collagen
    Essential for tissue regeneration and remodeling
  12. GC Coe Pak Periodontal Dressing Standard Pkg
    GC Coe Pak Periodontal Dressing Standard Pkg
    Regular Price ₹2510 Special Price ₹2495
    Easily mouldable
    Elastic consistency
  13. Novabone PerioGlas
    Novabone PerioGlas
    Regular Price ₹4276 Special Price ₹4070
  14. Advanced Biotech Healiguide - GTR Membranes (Guided Tissue Regeneration)

    From ₹1770

    As low as ₹1703

    Type I collagen membrane from animal tissues
    Purified using patented American technology
  15. Septodont Scandonest 3% Plain
    Special Price ₹1500
    As low as ₹1382
    Mylar label covered glass catriges
    100% latex free components
    Out of stock
  16. Deor Deocaine
    Deor Deocaine
    Special Price ₹540
    As low as ₹501
    Aqueous based product
    No systemic absorption
    Out of stock
  17. Septodont Alveogyl
    Septodont Alveogyl
    Regular Price ₹2100 Special Price ₹2020
    As low as ₹1915
    Used for post extraction dressing
    Convenient and easy to use
  18. Cologenesis Colo Gide GTR Membrane Pack

    From ₹669

    As low as ₹669

    Resorbable Membrane
    Guided Tissue Regenerative Membrane
  19. Koden Topical Anesthetic Gel

    From ₹600

    As low as ₹600

    Highly effective
    Can be easily applied
  20. Medicept Dental Medi-Pak Retraction Cords

    From ₹720

    As low as ₹657

    Easy to control and place
    Unsurpassed retraction
  21. Prevest Denpro Hemostal Liquid (Art.60001)
    Prevest Denpro Hemostal Liquid (Art.60001)
    Regular Price ₹200 Special Price ₹145
    Stop gingival bleeding
    Long shelf life
  22. Ultradent ViscoStat Clear - Kit & Refills

    From ₹440

    As low as ₹398

    Stops all minor intraoral bleeding
    Non-drip gel is viscous yet spreadable
  23. Prevest Denpro Hemostal Gel (Art.90010)
    Prevest Denpro Hemostal Gel (Art.90010)
    Regular Price ₹380 Special Price ₹323
    Stops gingival bleeding
  24. Dentsply Barricaid Periodontal Surgical Dressing
    Special Price ₹1750
    Visible light-cured
    Single component
  25. Ultradent ViscoStat - Kit & Refills

    From ₹996

    As low as ₹996

    Causes profound hemostasis
    Stops bleeding in seconds, saving chair time
  26. Lignocad Gel
    Lignocad Gel
    Regular Price ₹70 Special Price ₹42
    As low as ₹38
  27. Neelkanth U-Klean
    Neelkanth U-Klean
    Special Price ₹200
  28. Ultradent Ultrapak Cord

    From ₹1197

    As low as ₹1197

    Rapid tissue displacement
    The original—and smallest—knitted cord
  29. Medicept Dental Hemostat Clear
    Medicept Dental Hemostat Clear
    Regular Price ₹850 Special Price ₹819
    As low as ₹749
    Stays in place yet spreads easily
    Less mess than with other systems
  30. Scheu Isofolan Foil 0.1 x 125 mm (3207)
    Special Price ₹2900
    Optimal Insulation
    Used for Pressure Moulding Technique
  31. Scheu Bioplast
    Out of stock
  32. Scheu Duran + A2
    Hard Elastic
    Out of stock
  33. Geistlich Bio-oss

    From ₹6600

    As low as ₹6109

    Biologic Interaction
  34. Scheu Duran
    Highly Transparent
    Hard Elastic
    Out of stock
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the generations of endomotors?


Endomotors have been improved over the years resulting in 4 generations of endodontic motors for use in root canal therapy. 1st generation endomotors - without torque control 2nd generation endomotors - with torque limiter 3rd generation endomotors - with simple torque control 4th generation endomotors - with apex locator and torque control The first description of rotary instrument use in endodontics was done by Oltramare in the year 1889. The first endodontic handpiece was developed by William. H. Rollins, to aid in automated preparation of the root canal. Specially designed needles were used by Rollins, which were mounted into the dental handpiece with a 360-degree rotation. The speed of the instrument was limited to 100 rpm to avoid fractures of the rotary instrument.

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