Melag MELAtronic 23EN (N Class) - 19 Ltr

Automatic Sterilization
Fractional flow procedure
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Package Contents: 1 unit of Melag MELAtronic 23EN (N Class) with 19 litre capacity
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The MELAtronic 23EN works in accordance with fractional flow procedure, and features high temperature and pressure sensors, as well as a microprocessor control unit. It thereby complies with EN 13060.The complete sterilization cycle takes place fully automatically. An integrated water quality monitoring, a water level indicator and a double-spaced alphanumeric display provide comfortable and easy use. The MELAtronic 23 EN has a serial interface, to which the MELAprint 42, log printer, or also the MELAflash compact flash card printer, can be connected.

The top-quality stainless steel chamber, with various safety devices and selected components, signifies reliable operation for many years. The MELAtronic 23EN is designed for larger installations, in which up to 5 trays with a total weight of 4 kg of solid or 400 g of porous loads can be sterilized.

Class N are autoclaved that can be employed for the sterilization of solid instruments. According to national hygiene requirements, the physician or dentist is obliged to use risk assessment methods to define which types of instruments and packaging are to be used in the medical or dental practice. Bacteriological expert opinions and thermoelectric measurements of the sterilizing effect of the MELAtronic   EN autoclaves for wrapped instruments have demonstrated that both. With the Quick program “N “, a small number of quickly required unwrapped instruments are already available again after 17-21 minutes. Temperature-sensitive, unwrapped instruments can be sterilized with the Gentle program “N“ at 121°C. The MELAtronic EN autoclaves have an integrated water quality measurement feature. When the water quality in the reservoir degrades, an initial warning is issued that only a few more sterilization cycles are still possible. If the assistant does not replace the water in the reservoir, the integrated water quality measurement feature protects the instruments and the autoclaves by preventing a new autoclave start. The optimal protection from contamination by recycled circulating water is possible by connecting an external wastewater container to the autoclave. The autoclave can then be operated in the one-way water system.