Orthopaedic Aids

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  1. Tynor Medical Compression Stocking Knee High Class 3

    From ₹1680

    As low as ₹1680

    High quality
    Top silicone lined band
  2. Vissco Classic Finger Splint - Universal
    Special Price ₹154
    Rigid Support
    Universal Fit
  3. Tynor OA Knee Support (Neoprene)

    From ₹985

    As low as ₹985

    Easy application
    Perfect lateral splinting
  4. Vissco Magnetic Back Support
    Skin Friendly
    Easy Breathe
    Out of stock
  5. Tynor Abdominal Belt

    From ₹386

    As low as ₹386

    Perfect elasticity
    Breathable materials
  6. Vissco Classic Cervical Travel Pillow - Round With Strap
    Special Price ₹841
    Portable and easy to carry
    Universal size
  7. Dyna Surgical Abdominal Corset

    From ₹447

    As low as ₹447

    Lightweight and comfortable
  8. Tynor Knee Immobiliser Adjustable

    From ₹796

    As low as ₹796

  9. Vissco Classic Elastic Pullover Wrist Support
    Supports wrist in anatomical position
    Strain or sprain of wrist muscles
    Out of stock
  10. Dyna Stack Finger Splint

    From ₹100

    As low as ₹100

    Stax splint
    Light weight
  11. Tynor Frog Splint Skin Traction Set (PUF Liner)

    From ₹277

    As low as ₹277

    Extra porous
  12. Dyna Ankle Traction

    From ₹325

    As low as ₹325

    Made of high quality foam
    With stirrup attachment
  13. Tynor Hand Resting Splint Left

    From ₹498

    As low as ₹498

    Reduce swelling
    Comfortable support
    Out of stock
  14. Vissco Classic Ankle Traction Holder
    Special Price ₹273
    Soft Support
    Hip or sacral injuries
  15. Dyna Innolife Wrist Splint

    From ₹296

    As low as ₹296

    Wrist drop
    Colles fracture
  16. Vissco Neoprene Patella Knee Brace With 2-Bioflex

    From ₹1025

    As low as ₹1045

    Swelling of knee joint
    Osteoarthritis of knee joint
  17. Vissco Classic Round Ring Pillow For Bed Sores
    Special Price ₹1343
    Skin Friendly
    Soft Support
  18. Vissco Neoprene 6 inch Abdominal With 8-Bioflex

    From ₹1798

    As low as ₹1803

    Supports abdominal muscles
    Holds abdomen in one position
  19. Vissco Classic 8 inch Abdominal Belt

    From ₹678

    As low as ₹678

    Skin Friendly
    Easy Breathe
  20. Tynor Abdominal Support 9

    From ₹463

    As low as ₹463

    Pleasant aesthetics
    Flexible sizing
  21. Vissco Platinum Elbow Support With Silicone Pressure Pad

    From ₹1758

    As low as ₹1758

    Soft Support
    Soft Padding
  22. Tynor Cervical Orthosis (Philadlphia) Ethafoam

    From ₹619

    As low as ₹619

    Ultimate comfort
    Perfect immobilization
  23. Vissco Neoprene Knee Support With Velcro

    From ₹1020

    As low as ₹1020

    Soft Support
    Universal Fit
  24. Tynor Ankle Binder

    From ₹234

    As low as ₹234

    Dual grip
    Four way stretchable fabric
  25. Vissco Classic Anti Embolism Stocking

    From ₹985

    As low as ₹985

    Skin Friendly
  26. Tynor Exercising Gel Ball
    Tynor Exercising Gel Ball
    Regular Price ₹370 Special Price ₹319
    Safe and inert
    High patient compliance
  27. Vissco Classic New Improved Silicon Insole

    From ₹1205

    As low as ₹1205

    Soft Support
    Soft Padding
  28. Tynor Compression Garment Hand Glove

    From ₹313

    As low as ₹313

  29. Vissco Classic Arm Pouch Sling

    From ₹300

    As low as ₹300

    Soft Support
    Adjustable Support
  30. Tynor Heel Cushion Silicone

    From ₹410

    As low as ₹410

    High cushioning coefficient
    Long functional life
  31. Dyna Airway Collar - Adult
    Dyna Airway Collar - Adult
    Regular Price ₹1790 Special Price ₹1410
  32. Tynor Solar Splint
    Special Price ₹120
  33. Dyna Finger Extension Splint
    Special Price ₹135
    Plastic coated malleable aluminium
    Polyfoam padding
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