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  1. Medirer Dental Loupe 3.5x Magnification with S Frame

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Buy Dental Loupes Online in India



Dental professionals operate in a very small portion of the human body. The oral cavity opens only up to the width of four fingers. Despite such small operating fields, the precision required in dentistry is high. The difficulty in treatment increases in the case of endodontics and microsurgery. The constant hindrance to visibility offered by fluid and debris, makes it difficult to treat such cases with precision. As a solution to this problem in dentistry, researchers experimented the potential of magnification to improve the quality of delivering dental treatment. The use of magnification has decreased the level of difficulty drastically, and further made treatment more precise and faster. Magnification devices can also reduce occupational strain that is caused by undesirable posture.


What are Dental Loupes?

Dental Loupes are magnification devices that aid the dentist to visualize the minute features of the tooth that is being operated and the oral cavity. There are two important uses that dental loupes offer. First and foremost, by using dental loupes, everything in the visual field is bigger and provides a greater degree of visibility. They don’t just help the dentist see more but also see better. Secondly, loupes aid the dentist to have a better, more physiologic posture, thereby minimizing slouching, which is an undesirable occupational feature that dentists develop.


How do dental loupes make dental treatment easier?

Let’s consider a clinical situation involving endodontic treatment of a lower molar tooth. The situation is explained from three different standpoints:


  • Without dental loupes – The dentist solely relies on his vision and the dental operating light. Slouching becomes highly probable in order to improve the dentist’s visibility.
  • With Dental Loupes without a head-mounted light – In comparison to the earlier scenario without magnification, the use of dental loupes inevitably enhances the dentist’s visualization of the treatment area. The dental chair operating light is used and has to be adjusted whenever there is a change in positon. Also, shadows formed by the dentist, the lips and tongue of the patients hinder perfect visibility
  • With Dental Loupes and a head-mounted light – This scenario provides an ideal visualization of the operating field. The head mounted light directly focuses on the place where the dentist looks at. This eliminates the necessity of any other tools and is highly ergonomic. It improves the dentist’s posture by minimizing slouching.


Things to consider while purchasing dental loupes:

The following points can aid the dentist while purchasing dental loupes:


Type of Dental Loupes:

There are two common types of dental loupes based on how the dentists wears them:

  • Flip up loupes
  • Through the Lens
  • Through the Flip


The fill up loupes can be used by dentists who go back and forth regularly to have a non-magnified look at things.

TTL loupes are fixed on to the lens of the glasses. The advantage with these loupes is that they are always in the right position.


TTF loupes combine the characteristics of the two designs.


Dental loupes can be classified as:

  • Galilean - Fixed at one focus level ; lower magnification power
  • Prismatic               - Higher magnification and greater clarity


Field of View:

The field of view is an important consideration when buying dental loupes. An ideal dental loupe should allow the dentist to see everything required for a procedure. The settings of field of view and magnification must be analysed


Depth of Field:

The depth of field refers the focused portion of the field of view. If 4 teeth are visible the number of teeth in focus is determined by the depth of field. An improved depth of field provides a better focus.


Type of Frame:

The materials used to make the frame of the dental loupe can range from plastics to carbon fiber and others. Lighter materials such as titanium are also used to make frames for dental loupes.


Construction of the Lens:

A well-constructed, high quality lens gives a magnified field with a concise image and better contrast.


Lighting options:

Options for lighting are available for most dental loupes. These lights can be chosen to improve the visual field better.


What are the brands selling Dental Loupes online in India?

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