Kerr Take 1 Advanced Putty & Kit

Outstanding tear strength and elongation
Hydrophilic dental wash material
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Kerr Take 1 Advanced - Putty 1 x 400gm Base + 1 x 400gm Catalyst
Regular Price ₹4500 Special Price ₹3464
Kerr Take 1 Advanced - Light Body 2 x 50ml Wash Cartridge
Regular Price ₹2266 Special Price ₹472
Kerr Take 1 Advanced Putty Kit 1 x 400gm Base + 1 x 400gm Catalyst + 2 Putty Scoops + 18 Putty Spacers + 2 x 50ml Wash Cartridge
Regular Price ₹5000 Special Price ₹4050
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Take 1 Advanced employs Kerr's long history of expertise in developing high-performance impression materials, along with recent technological advancements, to deliver a VPS impression material with the optimum combination of physical properties: strength, elasticity, dimensional stability and the ability to register detail in any environment. Furthermore, Take 1 Advanced comes in the widest selection of set times, delivery systems and consistencies available on the market today - so you always have the perfect combination of mechanical properties in a material that feels like it was designed just for your technique preferences. It has outstanding tear strength and elongation - Strong, flexible impression material stretches around undercuts without tearing or distorting. It is used as hydrophilic dental wash material - Displaces intraoral fluids to produce impressions with great detail and no voids or gaps. It has excellent dimensional stability - Impression will not distort due to dimensional change or temporary deformation. Widest selection of viscosities, set times and delivery methods - Helps overcome common difficulties in impression taking, and matches doctor preference.