Kerr Endo Vac Starter Kit

The Multiport-Adapter
The Master Delivery Tip
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Package Contents: 1- Multi-Port Adapter, 1- Handpiece/Fingerpiece Set, 1-Evacuation Tubing Set, 5- MacroCannulas, 5- MicroCannulas (25mm), 5- Master Delivery Tips, 6- 20cc Syringes for NaOCl, 6- 3cc Syringes for EDTA, Instructions for Use, Quick Setup Guide
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EndoVac is a true apical negative pressure irrigation system. Instead of applying positive pressure, EndoVac uses suction to PULL irrigant down the root canal, and then up and away into the Hi-Vac suction unit. We call this “negative apical pressure,” because EndoVac applies suction rather than forceful injection to consistently deliver a perfect, bullet-proof performance .