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Endo K Files:

Files are endodontic instruments which are used in the process of cleaning and shaping of root canal during the treatment. Files that differ in their cross section can be categorized under two: K-Files and H-Files. Based on their mode of operation it is again divided into Hand Files and Rotary Files.Gingivitis is one of the most common dental diseases and if left untreated for long periods of time, it may cause destruction of the periodontium causing periodontitis. The important cause of gingivitis is the presence of calcular deposits along the surfaces of the tooth that results in inflammation of the gingival tissue. The removal of supragingival and subgingival calculus was indicated to prevent the progression of gingivitis. Before the invention of K Files, the only method to remove calculus was by hand instrumentation until the mid half of the 20th century. In 1950 ultrasonic scalers were introduced which were referred to as power driven scalers or machine driven scalers. The strongest of the hand files bypassing obstructions with far greater ease, K-files for endodontics are produced to give the operator a smooth tactile sense inside the canal during instrumentation. For better functionality modification of K-file was done Rhomboidal or diamond-shaped, Cutting tip angles were reduced, Increased flexibility and cutting, which made the file stayed more efficiency centered within the canal and the Rhomboidal blanks produce alternating high and low flutes.

Manufacturing and Features of K-Files:

K-Files endodontic instruments are made by twisting a square blank of stainless steel. Since this blank has an angle of 90 degrees, K-Files have more cutting edges than reamers and its less flexibility makes it less prone to fracture. Mostly, files are used with a filing or rasping motion, which need little to no rotation of the instrument in the root canal. Filing happens when the instrument is placed toward the apex until it binds with the tooth structure and then remove the instrument by scraping against the dentin wall. This scraping of dentin wall is also referred to as rasping.
The diameter of the Files start at the tip D0 and extend to D16 near the shaft. D16 should be 0.32mm greater than that of D0. The tip angle should either be 60 degree or 90 degree, which determined by the shape of the block, triangle or square. The different types of Files under K-files are: K-flex file , Flexofile, Flex-R file .
The cross section of K-File taper has a diamond shape. With the ability to remove debris and increased flexibility, the cutting efficiency of the K-flex files is greater than many K-Files. Manufactured in the same way as K-Files, Flexofile has different cross-section which is a sharp triangular blade. This file has a non- cutting tip which helps it to prevent ledge formation.

Properties of Endodontic K-Files:


Stainless Steel

Cross Section/ Shape of the block

Square tapered block

File Motion

Rasping or Pulling motion

Mode of Operation

Hand Files

Standardization of K-Files

Taper Size







Color Coding







Length of the File


Length of the Taper (D0-D16)


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