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  1. GDC Offer Package Set

    From ₹22500

    As low as ₹21811

    High Quality
    Offer set with and without trolley
  2. Zenith Dental Elevators

    From ₹311

    As low as ₹282

    High Quality
  3. Mani Diamond Burs - Coarse / C Series

    From ₹72

    As low as ₹64

    Wide variety of diamond burs with code
    Code indicates the shape of the bur
  4. DenSafe Diamond Burs

    From ₹93

    As low as ₹83

  5. API Sinus Lift Instruments Assorted
    Special Price ₹1200
    As low as ₹1090
    High Quality
    Stainless Steel
  6. Prima Dental Classic Surgical Burs

    From ₹2000

    As low as ₹2000

    Strong and durable
    Helical cutting edge
  7. Navadha Safe Lok Cover For B - LOK Tray
    Navadha Safe Lok Cover For B - LOK Tray
    Regular Price ₹1495 Special Price ₹1395
    Self lubricating
    Out of stock
  8. GDC Scissors Heath For Suture Cutting (15.5cm)  (S25)
    GDC Scissors Heath For Suture Cutting (15.5cm) (S25)
    Regular Price ₹825 Special Price ₹657
  9. Pivo Endo Access Burs

    From ₹778

    As low as ₹702

    Friction Grip
    Pack of 5
  10. Mani Diamond Burs - Special (Extra) Shape / EX Series

    From ₹75

    As low as ₹68

    Wide variety of diamond burs with code
    Code indicates the shape of the bur
  11. Mani Diamond Burs - Single Inverted Cone / SI Series

    From ₹73

    As low as ₹66

    Wide variety of diamond burs with code
    Code indicates the shape of the bur
  12. GDC Extraction Forceps Lower Third Molars - 79 Standard (FX79S)
  13. GDC University Of Minnesota Retractor (140mm) (CRM)
    GDC University Of Minnesota Retractor (140mm) (CRM)
    Regular Price ₹1260 Special Price ₹988
  14. Metro Bracket Holding Tweezer Begg Type
    Metro Bracket Holding Tweezer Begg Type
    Regular Price ₹790 Special Price ₹787
    As low as ₹708
    Holding Straight Wire Brackets
    Diamond Shaped
  15. Meisinger Bone Cutting Carbide Oral Surgery Burs

    From ₹800

    As low as ₹757

    Oral Surgery
    Extra Long Shank
  16. Navadha Insta - Dam Rubber Punch (ADC-15)
    Special Price ₹1601
    As low as ₹1542
    German stainless steel
    Reliable and durable
  17. Zenith Dental Castroviejo Scissor

    From ₹1573

    As low as ₹1573

    High Quality
  18. API Artery Forceps

    From ₹300

    As low as ₹275

    High Quality
  19. API MTA Carrier

    From ₹2000

    As low as ₹2000

    High Quality
  20. Top Dent Dull Black Handle Instrument

    From ₹225

    As low as ₹201

  21. Plaster Spatula

    From ₹38

    As low as ₹33

    Quality wood handles
    Solid, extra stiff blade.
  22. API Universal Curettes

    From ₹170

    As low as ₹170

    Easy to use
    High Quality
  23. Meisinger Inverted Cone Carbide FG Burs

    From ₹650

    As low as ₹604

    Airotor burs
  24. API Wire Cutter Ligature
    Special Price ₹800
    Easy to use.
    High Quality
  25. Sybron Endo Pathfinders

    From ₹363

    As low as ₹363

    Minimal taper
  26. Prima Dental Classic Carbide Inverted Cone Burs

    From ₹575

    As low as ₹522

    Tungsten Carbide Bur
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Buy Dental Instruments Online in India



Good quality dental instruments are an important requisite of any dental office. Dentists use various instruments every day for wide range of dental treatments. Having adequate stock of high quality dental instruments in the dental inventory can prove to be very beneficial in terms of enhancing quality of the treatment delivered and reducing the time taken for procedures. provides a comprehensive classification of dental instruments to make it easier for customers to navigate to reach their needs.


Dental instruments have been classified as follows:

  • General Instruments
  • Orthodontic Instruments
  • Endodontic Instruments
  • Periodontic Instruments
  • Oral Surgery Instruments
  • Prosthodontic Instruments



The general dental instruments category consists of instruments that are most commonly used by most practicing dentists. This includes diagnostic instruments that are used in clinical examination of patients, such as mouth mirrors, dental probes and tweezers.

Diagnostic instruments are a very essential part of the dental inventory. High quality dental mouth mirrors and dental probes and explorers can make a tangible difference in the delivery of dental treatment. Diagnosis is a key step that dictates all the other steps that follow. Keeping this in mind all the best diagnostic instruments have been made available by

Instruments Kits & Cassettes are present under this category. These contain sets of instruments specified for a procedure or speciality. Buying instrument kits can be more economical than making individual purchases. Investing in a good kit of essential instruments can be very profitable for the dentist monetarily and regarding treatment delivery as well. Empty instrument cassettes can be purchased if the dentist wants to make a customized kit of instruments. These cassettes are autoclavable and can be subjected to sterilization procedures to remove any pathogenic organisms that may have colonized.



The field of orthodontics has a wide range of instruments with various applications. Orthodontics deal with the aligning the teeth and jaws in an ideal position to ensure proper occlusion. Instruments play a vital role in this speciality as they aid the dentist to carry out different procedures. Ortho instruments are used in conjunction with fixed and removable appliances.

Ortho Pliers are orthodontic instruments that can be used for a variety of tasks such as contouring and forming loops on the arch wire. They are also used for torqueing and placing stops on the archwire. There are different types of pliers that are used in orthodontics. For example, the separating pliers are used to place separators in the mesial and distal interdental spaces of the tooth that is banded, most commonly the upper first molar. Band crimping and contouring pliers are used to make changes to the physical dimensions of the band. Universal pliers and Adams pliers are used to make changes in the archwire or making components of a removable appliance.

Bracket Positioning instruments such as the gauges and bracket holders aid the orthodontist during bonding procedures. Bracket removal pliers are also designed and manufactured to aid in de-bonding procedures.

Wire Cutters are used to cut off excess wire material in fixed and removable appliance fabrication. The cutting edges of wire cutters are made of stainless steel and tungsten carbide. Heavy duty wire cutters are used to cut thicker wires.

Band Seaters are instruments that can be used to push bands and adapt them to the exact contour of the tooth that is banded.



Instruments used in endodontics and conservative dentistry are classified as follows on our website:

  • Operative Dentistry
    • Hand cutting instruments
    • Rotary cutting instruments
    • Filling instruments
    • Composite instruments
    • Matrix band retainers


  • RCT instruments
  • Rubber dam instruments


The instruments used in operative dentistry are meant for removal of carious tooth structure and filling them with suitable biocompatible substitutes. These instruments are classified as cutting and filling instruments. Cutting instruments such as excavators, hoes and chisels are used by hand, whereas rotary cutting instruments like burs are used with air or electrically powered handpieces. Specialized instruments have been manufactured to improve the quality of composite restorations. These instruments are Teflon coated and have a non- sticky surface. Matrix band retainers are used to retain matrix band used in restorations of cavities with a missing wall.

Root canal instruments including canal probes, gutta percha holding tweezers, paste fillers and others are used in endodontic therapy. Rubber dam clamps, forceps, punches and frames are used in ensuring isolation of the operating area.



Periodontics is the field that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the surrounding tissues of the tooth. Treatment procedures such as removal of plaque and calcular deposits, curettage, subgingival scaling, gingivoplasty, gingivectomy, frenectomy, bone contouring and many others are carried out by periodontists. The following are the instruments used in periodontics:

Periodontal Scalers are hand instrument used to remove plaque and calculus from the gingival margins of the tooth. Scalers have a sharp cutting edge which are engaged in removal of calculus. The different types of scalers include hoe scalers, sickle scalers and posterior scalers.

Curettes are specially designed scalers used in removal of moderate amounts of subgingival and supragingival calculus. The two types of curettes are Universal and Area Specific (Gracey). All curettes share common features such as a rounded back, a rounded toe and a semi-circular cross section.

Periodontal Probes are specially graduated probes that are used in measuring the depth of the gingival or periodontal pockets primarily. They are also used in various other metric procedures. Periodontal probes have graduations in fine measurements in millimetres.

Periodontal Files are used in contouring the edges of bone structure. Hirscfield files, Sugarman files and Schluger files are types of periodontal bone files.


Periodontal Knives such as the Orban knife, Kirkland knife, Goldman Fox knife, Allan knife and Buck knife are used in procedures involving procedures such as gingivectomy.



The field of oral and maxillofacial surgery requires the use of a lot instruments having various uses. Fine crafted surgical instruments can minimize the effort taken in performing surgical procedures and aid in enhancing precision. The various types of instruments used for oral surgical procedures are listed below:

Extraction forceps are instruments used to extract teeth from the socket. They have a handle which is serrated to offer more grip. The beaks of the forceps are designed to engage the tooth at the cementoenamel junction while extracting them. Forceps are designed for incisors, canines, premolars, molars and specially designed third molar forceps. Root extraction forceps are designed to aid in removal of parts of the root that fracture during extracting the tooth. 

Other forceps such as the Cheatle forceps are used as sterilizing forceps, to carry gauze or cotton dipped in disinfecting solutions. Tissue holding forceps are used to hold tissues during oral surgical procedures.

Needle holders are used to hold the suture needles during suturing procedures of severed tissues. They have an ‘eye’ in the working end of the instrument which distinguishes them from the haemostats.

Haemostats also called artery forceps are used to arrest bleeding caused by severed blood vessels. They are available in different sizes. Small haemostats are called mosquito forceps. Commonly referred to as clamps, haemostats are used to form a secure lock over injured blood vessels thereby arresting bleeding.

Elevators as the name indicates are used to elevate the tissues surrounding the tooth such as the gingiva, periodontal ligament and the underlying periosteum. Some of the commonly used elevators are the periosteal elevator, Cryer elevator, Warwick James elevator, Lindo Levian, Seldin elevator, Miller elevator and Coupland elevators.

Retractors such as the Langenback retractor, Cat Paw retractor, Minnesota retractor, Gillie’s retractor and Kocher retractor are used to retract the tissues during oral surgery, to provide more accessibility the operator.

Scalpels are one of the most used instruments by surgeons. Most surgical procedures being with an incision. Scalpels are used to make incisions and to cut tissue. They have a handle and a detachable blade. The handles come in different sizes that denote different sizes and are re-usable. The most commonly used handle is the No.3 Bard Parker handle. BP blades used in conjunction with the handles are intended for single use only. They are numbered to denote different shapes and sizes which have different indications in surgery. The most commonly used BP blade is the No 15 BP blade. The BP handles were named after Charles Russell Bard and Morgan Parker who were founders of the Bard-Parker company.

Scissors in surgery have various indications. Suture cutting scissors are used to cut off extra suture material at the end of the suturing procedure. Scissors are also used in cutting tissues and in gingivectomy procedures.

Bone cutting instruments such as bone rongeurs, chisels and mallets, bone files, osteotomes and others are used to remove and reshape the maxillofacial skeleton.

Surgical burs are rotary cutting burs that are intended for surgical use. These burs are used in a low speed to cut bone. Burs attached to handpieces can be used in removal of bone in surgeries such as removal of an impacted third molar.



Prosthodontics is the dental speciality dealing with replacement of missing teeth. There are various methods by which the missing teeth are replaced such as removable prostheses, fixed prostheses and implants. Instruments such as the following are used in dental prosthetics:

Carvers & Knives such as the Lecron caver and wax knives are mostly used in laboratory procedures in prosthodontics. Carvers and wax knives are used to carve and contour wax in the fabrication of dental prostheses 

Crown removers are used to aid in removal of temporary or long term crowns. They are available as manual and automatic variants. The automatic crown removers produce micro strokes which facilitate easy removal of crowns and bridges.

Cord packers are hand instruments that are used to pack the retraction cords around teeth which were prepared to receive an indirect prosthesis such as crown or bridge. Packing retraction cords around these prepared teeth can enhance the reproduction

Mixing spatulas are used to mix materials such as gypsum and impression materials. A straight spatula is used to mix gypsum products such as plaster and dental stone. A curved spatula is used to mix alginate impression material.


Articulators are mechanical devices which are used to mount maxillary and mandibular casts. They help in reproducing mandibular movements. Articulators range from single plane movement variants such as the hinge articulator to advanced models such as the Hanau and Whipmix articulators.



What are the brands selling dental instruments online in India?

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