Respiratory Medicine

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  1. Romsons Endotracheal Tube

    From ₹350

    Thermo sensitive tube
    Kink resistant inflation tube
  2. Romsons Aero Mist - Nebulizing Mask

    From ₹472

    Soft, clear aerosol mask
    Gently rolled, feathered edges
  3. Romsons Flexi Mask - Oxygen Mask

    From ₹652

    For convenient oxygen therapy
    Moulded face mask
  4. Romsons Respirometer
    To excerise respiration through inspiration
    3 stage chambers
  5. Romsons Catheter Mount
    Romsons Catheter Mount
    Regular Price ₹1,440 Special Price ₹1,336
    Double swivel elbow connector
    22 mm standard female connector
  6. Romsons Suction Catheter

    From ₹805

    Provided with Funnel shape connector
    Oro-bronchial catheter
  7. Romsons Guedal Airways

    From ₹1,390

    Integral hard bite block
    Stepless airway path for easy cleaning
  8. Romsons Oxy Set - Twin Bore Oxygen Cannula

    From ₹436

    Twin bore
    Soft funnel shape connector
  9. Romsons Nasopharyngeal Airways - Nasal Airways

    From ₹2,626

    Suitable for suctioning in I.C.Us
    Made of Medical Grade PVC
  10. Romsons Hi Mask - High Concentration Oxygen Mask

    From ₹120

    For High Concentration Oxygen Therapy
    Soft, transparent and odour free Vinyl Mask
  11. Romsons Mucus Extractor - Infant Mucus Extractor
    Clear transparent container
    Spare plug cap
  12. Romsons MistAir - Surgical Mist Blower
    Romsons MistAir - Surgical Mist Blower
    Regular Price ₹1,250 Special Price ₹1,165
  13. Romsons Laryngeal Mask Excell

    From ₹2,694

    Made up of poly vinyl chloride
    Anatomically engineered mask
  14. Romsons Silko Mask

    From ₹350

    100% Silicone material
    Spare mask
  15. Romsons Laryngeal Mask Silken

    From ₹5,212

    Clear transparent tube
    Separate inflation line
  16. Romsons Tracheostomy Tube

    From ₹1,479

    Made of thermosensitive material
    Soft flexible flange helps easy fixation
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