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  1. Dentsply M-Access H-Files (Hand Use)

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Buy Endodontic H-Files Online in India

H-FILES in Endodontics:

Hedstrom File or H-File in endodontics is made by extracting triangular cutting flutes from a piece of round tapered stainless steel which act aggressively on the pulled direction. Since it has the tendency to bind in the pull direction, special care must be given while using these files. Therefore H-files are more suitable to use in large canals. The screw like structured H-files should not rotate while inserting inside the canal and gently pull out along the walls of the tooth structure. This cut in one direction is known as retraction. On testing, Hedstrom instruments exhibited more effectiveness than any other files. The added feature in the Safety Hedstrom File, the non-cutting safety side along the length of the blade reduces the possibility for strip perforations, has made to rectify the weakness of Hedstrom Files. The other types of files are Unifiles and S-files. Both these files have a cross section of 'S' formed with double helix structure on the long axis of the wire. The constant spiral angle along the entire length and the increase of spiral depth from the tip to the handle makes the S-files different from Unifiles.

Properties of the H-Files:


Stainless Steel

Cross Section/ Shape of the block

Round tapered block

File Motion


Mode of Operation

Hand Files

Identify and choose the File you need, effortlessly from the table below:

Standardization of H-Files

Taper Size







Color Coding







Length of the File


Length of the Taper (D0-D16)



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