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The obturation of the root canal using a biocompatible and inert substitute is an important step in endodontic therapy. The formation of a tight apical seal is very significant to improve the prognosis of treatment. There have been many materials that were used since the dawn of endodontic therapy as root canal filling materials. But most of these materials failed to meet the ideal requirements of a root canal filling. These include amalgam, asbestos, balsam, cement, copper, gold foils, paraffin, rubber, resin, silver points and tin foils. The discovery of Gutta Percha, was a milestone in endodontics and it ended the search for a suitable root canal filling material.


History of Gutta Percha:

Gutta percha was used in its crude from by the natives of the Malaysian archipelagos, for making handles for knives, walking sticks and other purposes. The name Gutta Percha comes from “getah” meaning gum and “pertja” which is the name of the tree in the Malay language.

Dr. William Montgomerie, a medical officer in the Indian service was the first person to appreciate the potential of gutta percha to be used in medicine. He was awarded a gold medal by the Royal Society of Arts, London in 1843 for his observation.

In dentistry, Edward Truman introduced the use of gutta percha as a temporary filling material. In the year 1867, Bowman was the first person to use gutta percha as a root filling material. Almost a century later, Ingle and Levine proposed standardization of endodontic instruments and root canal filling materials.


Composition of Gutta Percha:

A trans isomer of poly isoprene, gutta percha in its crude from is composed gutta, alban, fluavil, tannin and other substances. The following is a modified compostion of gutta percha that is suitable for dental use:

  • Gutta percha (matrix) -  20%
  • Zinc Oxide (filler) – 66%
  • Heavy metal sulphates (radiopacifiers) – 11% and,
  • Waxes or resins (plastisizer) – 3%


Phases of Gutta Percha:

Two distinctly different crystalline structures or gutta percha exist. They are interconvertible and have their application in different obturation techniques.


Alpha Phase of gutta percha has low viscosity and is a more tacky variant.


Beta Phase of gutta percha is a solid compactible version of higher viscosity. The beta form is the most commercially available form of gutta percha. It is stable and flexible at room temperature. Gutta percha cones are in the beta phase and are used in cold lateral condensation techniques of obturation. Gutta percha points are available as standardized or non-standardized variants.


Disinfection of Gutta Percha Points:

The contamination of GP points from handling, storage or aerosols is not desirable. Therefore, chairside disinfection of GP is recommended to ensure that the pathogen free root canal as a result of diligent cleaning and shaping, stays that way even after the filling of the canal with gutta percha.                Polyvinylpyrrolidone-idodine, sodium hypoclorite, quaternary ammonium compounds, chlorhexidine liquid and ethyl alcohol can be used in disinfection of GP points. Quick decontamination methods are employed as the number of accessory cones required for obturation may not be known while starting the procedure.


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