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  1. Navadha Water Wise Starter Kit
    Navadha Water Wise Starter Kit
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  2. Navadha Ergo Grip Neon Handle

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  3. Navadha Safe Lok Cover For B - LOK Tray
    Navadha Safe Lok Cover For B - LOK Tray
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  4. Navadha Mini Matt
    Navadha Mini Matt
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  5. Navadha Double Tub Cup With Cover
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  6. Navadha Complete Tub
    Navadha Complete Tub
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  7. Navadha Standard Steri Container

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  8. Navadha Long Needle Capper
    Navadha Long Needle Capper
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Buy General Dental Instruments Online in India



The field of dentistry requires quite a number of instruments to carry out various dental procedures and treatment. General dentists are or general dental practitioners, use a variety of instruments to diagnose and treat their patients. The right set of instruments can drastically enhance the quality of treatment delivered in addition to reducing the overall treatment time taken. Diagnostic instruments are the ones used by dentists to clinically examine the oral cavity to arrive at a diagnosis of the clinical presentation. Good quality diagnostic instruments can aid the dentist in making an accurate diagnosis of the disease.


What are diagnostic instruments?

Diagnosis is the highly significant first step in dental treatment. The right diagnosis can accurately dictate the subsequent steps in dental treatment, thereby serve as a guideline for carrying out good quality dental treatment. Mouth mirrors, probes and tweezers are the commonly used diagnostic instruments in dentistry.


Dental Mouth Mirrors:

Mouth mirrors are used by the dentist to retract the tissues during treatment, transillumination, and for indirect vision of teeth in the maxillary dental arch. A mouth mirror is a single ended instrument with a handle made of stainless steel and a detachable mirror top. The mirror top can be threaded on to the handle. Mouth mirrors may be made of concave or convex mirrors. Certain companies make double faced mirrors to facilitate advanced dental purposes.


Dental Probes:

Probes are single ended instruments with a sharp pointed working end. The straight probe has the working at almost right angles which make it possible to probe the tooth surfaces and other regions of the mouth. A curved probe also known as an explorer or a shepherd hooks explorer is a double ended instrument having a curved end and a multi angled end. The multi angled end is used to probe portions of posterior teeth which may be difficult to explore using straight probes.


Dental Tweezers:

The dental tweezers are instruments used to hold pieces of cotton, gauze, gutta percha points and have various other uses. Dental tweezers may have locking mechanism, adding to the ease of use in certain procedures. The dentist uses tweezers to place cotton rolls to isolate the tooth while making a direct restoration or during other dental procedures. The locking mechanism tweezers can be used to hold gutta percha points during the obturation process of endodontic treatment.


Instrument Kits and Cassettes:

Instrument kits and cassettes are used to organize instruments required for a specific dental procedure. For example, a kit of composite filling instruments may contain different double ended Teflon coated instruments intended for sculpting composite fillings. These instrument cassettes can be autoclaved since they are made of steel. The use of these instrument cassettes proves to be really useful in dental procedures as the instruments required are organized and autoclaved.

Manufacturers supply similar sets of instruments as a package with lower overall costs. Planned purchase of instrument kits from top brands can be a worthy and smart investment as they are much more cost effective than purchasing individual sets of instruments.


What are the brands selling general dental instruments online in India?

GDC, Capri, Hu Friedy, Top Dent, OraCraft, Ivoclar Vivadent, Neelkanth and Cat are some for the brands that sell general dental instruments online at


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