Cavity Varnishes

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  1. Prevest Denpro Copal-F

    From ₹99

    As low as ₹99

    Protective varnish
    Cavity liner
    Out of stock
  2. Deepthi Dental Namuvar Varnish

    From ₹45

    As low as ₹41

    It is inert
    Protects sensitive dentin
  3. GC Fuji Varnish
    Special Price ₹840
    Fast drying - easy to use, self-cured
    Protects glass ionomers during setting
  4. Shivam Dental Cavipal
    Special Price ₹100
    Insulates exposed dentine
    Reduce fluid leakage
  5. Globus Medisys Copal Forte
    Globus Medisys Copal Forte
    Regular Price ₹110 Special Price ₹109
    Copal gum based
    Contains fluoride
  6. Voco Amalgam Liner - set bottle 4.5g
    Special Price ₹4500
    Effective protection of the pulp
    Binds excess mercury
  7. DPI Varnish
    DPI Varnish
    Regular Price ₹140 Special Price ₹129
    Quick Drying Protective Liner
    Lining for Shallow Cavities Under Silicate Cements
  8. Septodont Isodan
    Septodont Isodan
    Regular Price ₹2400 Special Price ₹2350
    Long term relief for patients
    Forms a barrier
    Out of stock
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the generations of endomotors?


Endomotors have been improved over the years resulting in 4 generations of endodontic motors for use in root canal therapy. 1st generation endomotors - without torque control 2nd generation endomotors - with torque limiter 3rd generation endomotors - with simple torque control 4th generation endomotors - with apex locator and torque control The first description of rotary instrument use in endodontics was done by Oltramare in the year 1889. The first endodontic handpiece was developed by William. H. Rollins, to aid in automated preparation of the root canal. Specially designed needles were used by Rollins, which were mounted into the dental handpiece with a 360-degree rotation. The speed of the instrument was limited to 100 rpm to avoid fractures of the rotary instrument.

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