GC G-Coat Plus LC, 4ml Bottle

Nanofilled Self-Adhesive, LC Protective Coating
Increases wear resistance of restorations
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Nanofilled Self-Adhesive, LC Protective Coating
Increases wear resistance of restorations
Smoother, long-lasting finish
Restores appearance and marginal integrity

G-COAT PLUS is the only light-cured, protective clear coating formulated with adhesive monomer and nanofillers. One thin coat protects margins, prevents staining and provides a high gloss (comparable to intense polishing)

  • Provides a clear, glossy surface for composite resins, glass ionomers, jacket crowns, veneers and provisionals
  • Protects glass ionomer restorations against excessive water contamination during initial cure
  • Increases wear resistance of restorations
  • Restores aesthetic appearance and marginal integrity when used to repair the interface between restorations and marginal tooth structure
  • The exclusive adhesive monomer results in superior adhesion to enamel, dentin, composite, glass ionomer, and resin modified glass ionomer
  • Smoother, long-lasting finish resists delamination for durable even gloss
  • Nano technology uniformly disperses nanofller for higher wear resistance, preventing abrasion and discoloration
  • Curable with LED or Halogen lights
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