Filtek P90 Low Shrink Posterior Restorative

Lowest volumetric shrinkage + Biocompatibility
Easy to handle; excellent ability to hold shape
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3M ESPE Filtek P90 Posterior Restorative Syringe Refill A2 1 syringe – 4 g Shade A2
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3M ESPE Filtek P90 Posterior Restorative Syringe Refill A3 1 syringe – 4 g Shade A3
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Lowest volumetric shrinkage + Biocompatibility
Easy to handle; excellent ability to hold shape
Very low post-operative sensitivities
Up to 9 minutes operatory light stability

Filtek P90 Low Shrink Posterior Restorative is a light curing, radiopaque, packable composite resin indicated for posterior tooth restorations. Filtek P90 is based on 3M ESPE’s latest innovation in material science – silorane chemistry. This silorane based composite works with a dedicated self-etch bonding adhesive. The dedicated adhesive ensures excellent bond strength of the restoration. Filtek P90 offers the lowest volumetric shrinkage among all commercially available composite materials. This greatly reduces the risk of microleakage and secondary caries. It is the first  composite material shrink less than 1%. The low water sorption of the material decreases the risk of exogenic staining. It exhibits excellent operatory light stability, reducing premature curing of the material. 

  • Lowest volumetric shrinkage
  • Non stick qualities      
  • Outstanding marginal integritiy
  • Non slumping
  • Fast and easy polishability
  • Low water uptake
  • Decreased exogenic staining
  • High flexural strength
  • Wear resistant
  • Excellent compressive strength
  • Reduced marginal gaps
  • Decreases risk of microleakage
  • Reduced marginal staining
  • Low post-operative sensitivity
  • Decreases cusp deflection
  • Up to 9 minutes of operatory light stability
  • Class I and Class II posterior tooth restorations

Light Cure Unit

Curing time (DoC – 2.5 mm)

LED (intensity – 1000-1500 mW/cm2

20 seconds

LED (intensity 500-1000 mW/cm2)

40 seconds

Halogen ( intentsity 500-1400 mW/cm2)

Properties of Filtek P90 Low Shrink Posterior Restorative

Resin Matrix



Quartz and Yttrium fluoride

Average Particle Size (µm)


Increment Thickness (mm)


Fracture Toughness (K1C)


Volumetric Shrinkage (Bonded disc method)


Compressive Strength (MPa)


In vitro Wear (3-body wear in µm/cycles)


Flexural Strength (MPa)


Flexural Modulus (GPa)


Filler Load by Weight (%)




Clinical Application

The procedure for using the low-shrinking Filtek™ P90 composite and Silorane System Adhesive is much like the one you use with your current composite system.

To achieve optimal strength of the Filtek™ P90 system, it is important to light cure both the self-etch Primer and the Silorane System Adhesive Bond.

Figure 1

Figure 1: A load-bearing posterior composite filling has to be replaced. Marginal loss and leakage have led to secondary caries.

Figure 2

Figure 2: Select from four shades: A2, A3, B2, C2. A chameleon effect makes it easy to match composite shade to tooth enamel.

Figure 3

Figure 3: Application of Silorane Self- Etch Primer. Agitate primer on cavity surface for 15 sec.

Figure 4

Figure 4: Light cure for 10 sec after drying with oil-free air.

Figure 5

Figure 5: Thixotropic properties allow for a precise application of Silorane Bond.

Figure 6

Figure 6: Light cure for 10 sec after dispersing Silorane Bond to a homogeneous film with oil-free air.

Figure 7

Figure 7: Very good initial adaptation of Filtek™ P90 to bond film allows for an easy placement of the first increment. No need for a sophisticated layering technique due to intrinsically-low polymerization shrinkage and stress!

Figure 8

Figure 8: The non-sticky handling and the excellent ability to hold shape allow you to build strong contact points and create a natural occlusal shape – under full operatory light!

Figure 9

Figure 9: Light cure for 20 sec (LED, intensity 1000 – 1500 mW/cm2) or 40 sec (LED intensity 500 – 1000 mW/cm2 or halo- gen 500 – 1400 mW/cm2). Depth-of-cure: 2.5 mm.

Figure 10

Figure 10: Surface free of inhibition layer allows for a fast and easy polish.

Figure 11

Figure 11: A strong and durable Filtek™ P90 filling restored the tooth to its natural function. Natural-looking aesthetics were achieved with an easy single-shade technique.

Results described in the studies for Filtek Silorane also apply to the product registered under the following name: Filtek P90

Photos courtesy of Dr. Reich

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