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  1. Life Steriware Needle Syringe Terminator (NST)
    Life Steriware Needle Syringe Terminator (NST)
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    As low as ₹1571
    Single step operation
    Heavy duty transformer
  2. Crowndent Needle Burner
    Crowndent Needle Burner
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    As low as ₹2978
    Light weight
    Electrically operated
  3. Clinic Blue Line Electric Needle Burner
    Clinic Blue Line Electric Needle Burner
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    As low as ₹5259
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Buy Needle Burners Online in India



Dental procedures such as extractions, root canal treatment, class II restorations and many others include the use of syringes for delivery of local anaesthesia and irrigating solutions. The use of syringes must be practice with caution as needle stick injuries are highly probable when having such a small working area. The increase in the number of drug resistant pathogens has made it mandatory to carry out standardized sterilization and disinfection procedures. The use of needle burners is deemed highly necessary before the disposal of used syringes.


What is the function of a needle burner? 

Needle burners are used to destroy the needle using heat. The electric current supplied to the needle burner creates heat which disintegrates the needle. A provision to cut the syringe hub is also provided in some needle burners which can be used to destroy the syringe before disposing it. The needle burner machine has a receptacle in which all the destroyed portions of the syringe are accumulated. This accumulated waste can be disposed separately without the risk of injury.


What is the importance of a needle burner? 

Healthcare workers are at a risk of needle stick injuries while performing dental treatment procedures. They take necessary precautions while performing these procedures to prevent the occurrence of these undesirable events. However, the staff concerned with the disposal of wastes from a dental office are not well educated about the harmful effects of injuries related to needles. It the duty of the dentists to educate their staff about the possible harmful effects of exposure to needle pricks and also the necessary measures that are to be taken in such events. Destroying the needle and the syringe before disposing them into the concerned waste disposal bins makes it easier for the waste disposal staff to avoid injuries related to needles.


Ensuring proper functioning of needle burners: 

Needle burners are electrical devices that require proper maintenance procedures to ensure proper functioning of the device. Before introducing the needle into the provision provided in the needle burner, care should be taken to expel all the solution from the barrel of the syringe. If the solution from the syringe enters the needle burner, it creates a possibility for the solution to harm the electrical circuit in the device. In the case of damage to the circuit, malfunctioning of the device may be encountered. To prevent this, it is recommended to completely expel the solution from the syringe before using the needle burner. In case of any malfunctioning of the device, it has to be fixed by a suitable technician before use.


What are the brands selling needle burners online in India? 

Life Steriware, Confident, Clinic Blue Line and GDP are some of the brands that sell needle burners online at


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