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  1. Bien Air Unifix Coupler

    From ₹10790

    As low as ₹10790

    Out of Stock
  2. Saeshin Clinical Micro Motor Set (210 / 108E)
    Saeshin Clinical Micro Motor Set (210 / 108E)
    Special Price ₹5580
    Unique Design
    Right and Left truing ability
    Out of Stock
  3. DentAmerica ROTEX 782E Compact E- Type Electric Handpiece
    Special Price ₹38063
    As low as ₹36465
    Ball bearing high torque electric motor
    110/220 Volt
    Out of Stock
  4. Bien Air DMX2 Plus Control Unit

    From ₹183421

    As low as ₹183421

    Adapts to all dental chair
    speed - 100-40000 rpm
    Out of Stock
  5. SuriDent Chinese Cartridge
    SuriDent Chinese Cartridge
    Regular Price ₹893 Special Price ₹796
    As low as ₹720
    Out of Stock
  6. API Micro Motor

    From ₹5500

    As low as ₹5466

    High Quality
    Out of Stock
  7. Bien Air MC2 Micromotor

    From ₹64919

    As low as ₹64919

    Out of Stock
  8. Denext Airmotor

    From ₹1921

    As low as ₹1740

    corrosion resistance
    Out of Stock
  9. SuriDent Galaxie Handpiece with two Cartridge
    Special Price ₹4500
    As low as ₹4139
    H/p with cartridge
    Out of Stock
  10. Saeshin Forte 300 Micromotor
    Saeshin Forte 300 Micromotor
    Regular Price ₹38400 Special Price ₹36691
    As low as ₹35265
    Erogonomic design
    Excellent durabillity
    Out of Stock
  11. Saeshin Clinical Micro Motor Set (204/108E)
    Special Price ₹4390
    Mini-compact design
    Out of Stock
  12. Bien Air MX-I Micromotor

    From ₹51260

    As low as ₹51260

    Greater Power
    Out of Stock
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Buy Micromotor Dental Online In India

Dental Micromotor:

Dental micromotor units are an essential component of dental practice in such situations. Micromotor dental uses include trimming of the acrylic resin material in fabricated prostheses such as dentures, and orthodontic appliances. The dental micromotor can be used to cut or polish. In the case of polishing a polishing, the cup can be attached to the handpiece and the dental procedure can be carried out. Dental Industry is growing and esing the life of a doctor by making advance tools like brushless micro motor units are some of the latest advancements in the production of dental micro motors. The dental micromotor can be driven by air or electric power which is transmitted through a cord to the handpiece. Electrical E type handpieces can be fitted with a strong micromotor handpiece that rotates the cutting and polishing instruments. Removable dental appliances are fabricated by dentists to help dental patients in clinical situations such as missing teeth, oral habits such as tongue thrusting and thumb sucking, to help correct the minor discrepancies in tooth alignment and various other scenarios.

Marathon Micromotor:

Marathon Micromotor is Used for Brushing, Grinding, Polishing, With Other Attachable Products. These motors function by creating a high force as well as speed using few parts. Further, these also allow adding of motion features into products that are not possible otherwise. With the option of making the motors speed up to 40,000 RPM, has one spare carbon brush set withLow Heat generation suitable for Long Use Micro Motor Control. Marathon Micromotor Holds other features like forwarding & Reversing the direction selection, hand & foot Operation, and extra Torque for Smooth Working.

What are the brands of micro motors present in India?

Micromotor marathon, micromotor NSK, Marathon N7 micromotor, DentAmerica, Europa, Kavo, Nakamura, Saeshin, Skanray, SuriDent, Dabi Atlante, SK Dent, DenSafe, Bien Air are a  few of the various to brands that sell micromotors online in India at PinkBlue.in

Why buy Micromotor at PinkBlue.in?

PinkBlue.in has the widest range of micro motor units for dentists. Micro motor dental price ranges from low end to high-end units. The Micromotor price is the lowest at PinkBlue.in as we continuously work towards providing better services to the dental community and reduce the cost involved in the procurement of supplies. The dental micro motor price in India is lowest on PinkBlue.in. The dental micro motor handpiece prices as well are the best at PinkBlue.in.