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Buy Airotor Handpiece Online In India

Airotor Handpiece:

Dental Airotor handpieces are turbine handpieces used in various dental procedures such as restorative dentistry, esthetic dentistry, endodontics, prosthodontics and other fields of dentistry. The air rotor handpiece is the most commonly used small dental equipment inside the dental office. Dental air turbine handpieces are available in various brands and ranges, such as the bien air handpiece. Airotor handpiece is a high-speed dental handpiece that has a rotating turbine at the head of the handpiece. The internal anatomy of the handpiece has channels for air and water. The compressed air from the dental air compressor passes through the tubing and enters the base connection of the dental air turbine. The dental handpiece turbines rotate when the compressed air reaches the head of the handpiece. High speed air turbine handpiece has also a water inlet at the base connection through which water enters and is let out through the water spray outlet present below the head of the handpiece in the anterior portion of the air turbine handpiece. The water spray serves to cool the rotating instrument (the dental bur) as heat is generated from friction between the abrasive diamond instrument and the tooth structure. There have been various designs to improve the water spray in dental handpieces. Some companies such as the NSK air rotor handpiece have design features which have 4 or even 5 holes located along the circumference of the handpiece head and ensure better cooling for the dental bur. The airotor handpiece available today are sophisticated and offer great value in a dental practice. The airotor handpieces make by handpiece manufacturers are autoclavable. By subjecting them to moist heat sterilization using an autoclave, the airotor handpieces can be completely sterilized to ensure prevention of transmission of infection between dental patients.

What are the brands selling airotor handpieces online at

The following table contains few of the brands that sell high quality airotor handpieces online at

                          APL                         Being Foshn
                        COXO                                                      Dentsply                               
                         NSK                             Europa
                   IDS Denmed                               Kavo
                   Prime Dental                              Sirona
                      Skanray                            SuriDent
                      Tornado                             W & H
                     Whiteroot                         Woodpecker
                         Oro                           Bestodent
                   Dabi Atlante                            SK Dent
                    Pfiffer Dent                          Dentsurge
                     Den Safe                            Dentex
                       Ben Air                          Socodent

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