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  1. Oro Platinum Airotor

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    Titanium plated body
    Ceramic bearing
  2. Oro Platinum 45 Degree Head Handpiece
    Oro Platinum 45 Degree Head Handpiece
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    Ceramic Bearing
    Quiet and great precision
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Buy Dental High Speed Handpiece Online In India


Dental handpieces are the most commonly used and bought dental equipment. High Speed dental handpiece and their associated product such as burs and abrasive stones are used for various dental procedures that involve cutting and grinding the tooth structure. The high speed dental drill is used by dentists for almost all of the dental procedures. In restorative dentistry, the dentist attaches dental burs of various shapes such as the round bur, inverted cone bur, pear shaped bur and others to cut out restorative cavity in the tooth. The high speed handpiece dental uses extend beyond just restorative dentistry. Be it preventive dental procedures such as fissurotomy, endodontic procedures such as root canal therapy, abutment tooth preparation in dental prosthetics, proximal slicing in orthodontic space management and many other procedures. The high speed dental handpiece is commonly employed. The dental tooth engine was probably inspired by the sewing machine and the wheel. In 1874 an electric motor was adopted as a power source for the primitive dental motor. The handpiece was equipment was one of the most significant advancements in the field of dentistry. The dental high speed handpiece rpm ranges from 200,000 to high speeds greater than 450,000 revolutions per minute. The use of such high speed with a maintenance of torque can ensure great cutting efficiency that is required for every dental procedure. The most commonly used types of high speed handpieces in India are the Airotor Handpieces. These high speed dental handpieces have an air turbine that rotates with the help of compressed air supplied by a dental air compressor. The compressed air rotates the turbine in the head of the airotor and the bur attached to the turbine rotates at high speeds. The rotation of the bur is controlled by using a foot pedal.

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