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  1. Coltene Hyflex CM Rotary Files
    Coltene Hyflex CM Rotary Files

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    3 Files Shaping System
    Electrical Discharge Machining
  2. Coltene Hyflex EDM Rotary File

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    1 Files Shaping System
    5th generation root canal file
  3. Coltene Hyflex GPF
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    Glide Path Preparation
    Controlled Memory Files
  4. Coltene Hyflex NT Rotary File

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    4 Files Shaping System
    Treatment of Calcified Canals
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A Nickel Titanium (NiTi) rotary file is an engine-driven is pointed and tapered endodontic instrument made of Nickel Titanium alloy with cutting edges used to mechanically prepare and shape the root canals during endodontic therapy or to remove the root canal obturating material while performing retreatment. Rotary shaping instruments are replacing the conventional hand file systems to enhance the shaping ability of the canal, reducing clinical mishaps like blocks, ledges, transportation, and perforation. When the Dentists mastered the method of the using the products for rotary shaping instruments they could see unpredictable file breakage , metal fatigue, variation in length, loss of cutting efficiency, diameter and curvature of the canal can be avoided and better shaping of the canals with deserved taper will be achieved. Rotary endodontic practices have gained immense popularity among dental practitioners as they have many advantages over traditional manual instrumentation methods. The introduction of rotary files to the field of endodontics came two decades ago and the research and advancements are never-ending. Nickel Titanium has been the material of choice in manufacturing rotary files due to their superior properties.