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  1. Sybron Endo M4 Safety Contra Angle Handpiece (25846)
    Sybron Endo M4 Safety Contra Angle Handpiece (25846)
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    10000 rpm speed
    Mimics watch-winding motion
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Buy Dental Handpieces Online In India

Dental Handpieces :

A Dental Handpiece is a tool that is used to drill into certain areas of the tooth with high speed, also known as Dental drill or dental engine, it is a small, high-speed drilling instrument which is used during dental procedures, to remove decay and shape the tooth structure prior to the insertion of a filling or crown. It is an instrument for holding dental burs to smooth or to remove tooth structure and polish restorative materials. Handpiece rotations are measured in rotations per second. Handpieces may be powered by an electric motor or air turbines and are characterized as high speed or low speed depending on their rotational speed. Dental Handpiece Cleans and Shape Root Canals to remove old or temporary tooth filling or crown .Dental Handpiece is the most frequently used piece of machinery in dentistry. The handpiece provides the power to rotary instrument which completes the polishing of tooth structure or actual cutting and castings. There are two major types of the dental handpieces, high-speed dental handpieces, and low-speed handpiecse. High-Speed Dental Handpiece which can rotate at up to 400,000 rpm, and generally use hard metal alloy bits known as burrs. Low-Speed Handpiece which is operated by an inbuilt motor and their speed is around 80,000 rpm

Dental Handpiece History?

Evidence of first dental drill was used in history which came from an archaeological discovery of Indus Valley Civilization. The remains showed the undeniable use of a form of dental drill which is used effectively more than 9,000 years ago. There was another invention that is Mechanical Drill, which came into use in the late 1770s, the most documented of which was turned with a hand crank. It was incredibly slow compared to the modern drill, operating just at 15 rpm. After a few decades went by then came more sophisticated handpiece, which was designed by British dentist, George Fellows Harrington in 1864. The device used a clockwork mechanism and was incredibly noisy, he named it Erado. After Four years of wait, in 1868, an American Dentist named George F. Greene invented a pedal-powered drill. James B.In 1871 Dentist Morrison invented the first pedal powered burr drill in and the aforementioned. In 1875 Dr. Green finally got around to inventing the first electrical drill, turning the practice of dentistry on its head. After few decades in 1914 electrical handpieces were in common use, reaching speeds of up to 3,000 rpm.

Types of Dental Handipieces

High-speed dental handpiece

It can rotate at up to 400,000 rpm, and generally use hard metal alloy bits known as burrs. Features such as head size, handpiece weight, attachment type, light source and motor noise further distinguish high-speed handpieces.

Low-Speed Handpiece

Low-Speed Handpiece can range in rpms from 100 to 140,000, features vary between manufacturers such as air/water nozzles, angle design burr attachment, construction material and handpiece weight. It ensures that the handpieces hold up during autoclaving and sterilization.

Air-Driven High-Speed Handpieces

Air-Driven High-Speed Handpieces contains an air-driven turbine inside, which generates the rotational motion of the dental handpiece. Air-driven handpiece produces a high-pitch sound, the handpiece is run by an air-driven turbine inside.

Electric Handpiece

Electric dental handpiece provides both the power and precision to the dental professionals. It contains an electric motor driving the handpiece. It has a constant speed and no power is lost during the procedure. It allows any number of attachments with various gearing combinations which will connect onto an electric motor. It is expensive and efficient that hardly produces any sound.

What are some of the premium brands available for Dental Handpieces?

Dentsply, Ivoclar Vivadent, 3M ESPE, Tokuyama, GC, Ultradent, Dispodent, Voco, Angelus, DiaDent, DMG Germany are some of the premium brands manufacturing dental handpieces which are available online at

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