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Buy Dental Autoclaves Online in India



Sterilization in dentistry is very significant as microorganisms are ubiquitous and the risk of transmission of various infections is high. Moreover, the advent of drug resistant strains of pathogenic microbes has made treatment of this infections more difficult than before. Sterilization of dental instruments and equipment used can reduce the load of microbes. The importance of sterilization has been reiterated time and again. One of the most successful forms of sterilization in dentistry is using dental autoclaves. Dental autoclaves are highly pressurized devices that are designed to heat aqueous solutions above their boiling point at normal atmospheric pressure to achieve sterilization. They have been a reliable mode of sterilization, being used for a long time in the field of dentistry that have proven to eliminate bacteria in both vegetative and spore forms. Autoclaves are an essential part of every dental inventory and stringent sterilization procedures must be carried out in order to maintain an aseptic environment.


How do autoclaves work?

Liquid water cannot be heated to a temperature above 100oC in an open vessel as it boils. When water is heated in a sealed vessel, there is an increase in pressure which raises the boiling point of water. The steam that is formed from the pressure is used to remove pathogenic lifeforms from the instruments and equipment that are subjected to sterilization. The principle is that moist heat is more effective than dry heat in killing microorganisms. The autoclave functions similar to a pressure cooker. Hence it is sometimes referred to as the dental pressure cooker.

The boiling point of water is directly proportional to the pressure of the system, provided the volume is kept constant. Therefore, when the pressure is increased inside the closed vessel to about 15 pounds of pressure per square inch, the temperature rises to 121oC. The pressure and temperature are kept constant or 20 minutes during the sterilization cycle. The dental pressure cooker kills all the vegetative and spore forms of the organism.

The following table shows the relationship between the pressure and temperature of steam at sea level:



Pressure (psi)

Temperature (oC)














Classification of Autoclaves:

Autoclaves are classified into three types:

  • Class N
  • Class B
  • Class S

Class N autoclaves are compact and are used in sterilization of simple materials. “N” stands for “naked solid materials” which makes sterilization of instruments in pouches, porous loads, hollow items and others not possible. 

Class B autoclaves are compact dental sterilization machines, having performance levels comparable to the largest machines. The letter “B” stands for “big small sterilizers”, as they being small machines offer big performance outputs. Class B autoclaves are the most suitable for dental use. They have a wide range of settings and offer outstanding performance, unbeatable efficiency and high safety standards. 

Class S autoclaves cover all the other types of autoclaves. They are an intermediate class between N type and S types of autoclaves. They are used by podiatrists and tattooists.


What are the different types of autoclaves in dentistry?

Autoclave manufacturers make different types of autoclaves based on the type of pressure displacement in the dental sterilization machine. They are as follows:


Downward Displacement:

These autoclaves are also known as Gravity displacement units. This term is based on the method of air removal in the sterilization chamber.


Positive Pressure Displacement:

These autoclaves were improvements over the gravity displacement units. The steam is created in one second and is held in a separate chamber until a proper amount is reached to displace all the air that is accumulated inside the sterilization chamber. This steam is then released into the chamber in a pressurized blast. Subsequently, the air is forced out through the drain hole and the sterilization process begins.


Negative Pressure Displacement:

These are one of the most accurate types of dental sterilization equipment. In these units, a vacuum pump removes the air once the door off the sterilization chamber is closed. In a second, steam is created in a separate chamber. Following complete removal of the air from the sterilization chamber, the steam is released into the chamber in a pressurized blast, similar to that of a positive pressure displacement unit. A high “Sterility Assurance Level” can be achieved using the negative pressure displacement units.


Triple Vacuum Units:

The triple vacuum autoclaves function similar to the negative pressure displacement units. The name “triple vacuum” is based on the fact that the process is repeated three times. Triple vacuum autoclaves are suitable for all types of instruments and are versatile.


What are the brands selling dental autoclaves online in India?

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