Contactless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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Contactless Dispenser
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This is a Contactless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser which will spray alcohol based hand rub sanitizer for sanitization of hands while entering in buildings like hospitals, Office complexes, Malls, etc.

This is mist based dispenser to optimize the consumption of sanitizer. In normal consumption , we use 20-30 ml of sanitize for one operation, this sanitizer does the same job by dispensing 5-10 ml of sanitiser in mist form for over a longer period of time.

Waterproof non contact ultrasonic sensor - This module, with air as medium, is a non-contact target detection and distance measurement module. This sensor is not affected by color or other visual from the detected object. The ultrasonic sensor sends out high frequency sound waves in the direction of detection, and receives the reflection from nearby objects and gives distance reading by processing the echo time.

Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)- The power supply unit (PSU) is used in the unit to convert the AC voltage into the acceptable range for working of the pump and solenoid valve. This device has the power handling electronic components that converts electrical power efficiently.

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