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  1. Hager Algilock Cleaner Plus
    Hager Algilock Cleaner Plus
    Regular Price ₹3500 Special Price ₹3157
  2. Pulpdent Wonder Orange Solvent 240ml
    Special Price ₹900
    Strong, organic cleaner
    No thinners
  3. Capri Kleen Betweens
    Capri Kleen Betweens
    Regular Price ₹50 Special Price ₹49
    As low as ₹44
    Handy to use with cover for brush
    Antibacterial Bristle Protection
  4. Voco Traypurol Tabs 50 Pieces
    Special Price ₹6950
    As low as ₹6626
    Self-acting cleaning of impression trays/ instruments
    Removes alginates and cements within a short time
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the generations of endomotors?


Endomotors have been improved over the years resulting in 4 generations of endodontic motors for use in root canal therapy. 1st generation endomotors - without torque control 2nd generation endomotors - with torque limiter 3rd generation endomotors - with simple torque control 4th generation endomotors - with apex locator and torque control The first description of rotary instrument use in endodontics was done by Oltramare in the year 1889. The first endodontic handpiece was developed by William. H. Rollins, to aid in automated preparation of the root canal. Specially designed needles were used by Rollins, which were mounted into the dental handpiece with a 360-degree rotation. The speed of the instrument was limited to 100 rpm to avoid fractures of the rotary instrument.

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