Green Guava Implant Hygiene Consumables Kit

Maintain Hygiene
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Package Contents: Surgeon Gown (Full) - 2 pc + Patient Bib Tie On - 1 pc + Tray Cover (Big) - 2 pc + Surgeon’s Cap - 2 pc + Physio Sleeves Long - 1 pc + Suction Sleeves Long - 1 pc + Chair Light Handle Cover - 2 pc + Disposable Towel 12x12 Inch – 2pc + Bouffant Cap – 1pc + Face Masks - 2pc + Sensor (RVG) Sleeves - 2pc + Saliva Ejector - 1pc + Sterile Gauze Piece - 2pc
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Green Guava Surgeon's Gown are made from fluid resistant material with covering elastic at sleeves and velcro tie at backside.

Green Guava Surgeons Cap is a part of medical protective clothing and prevent germs from the hair or scalp of surgical personnel from contaminating the operating area.

Green Guava is made up of fluid resistant material as it helps to aviod contamination.

Green Guava Sensor Sleeves helps to protects sensor from contamination and also prevents cross infection.

Green Guava Face Mask filters out pollutants, chemicals, dust, and microbes from the air as they may cause spread of infection, germs etc.

Green Guava Dental Bib is made up of soft tissue and highly absorbent material.